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Why Choose Sage SalesLogix CRM - Key Points

Customer relationship management systems are designed for attracting more ideal customers, retaining loyal customers and develop profitable customers relationships. 

We chose to become a Sage SalesLogix business partner very many years ago and continue with SalesLogix to this day because it continues to perform for our clients' businesses.  CRM is there to amplify their business success year after year.  

Which of the following matters to your business?


Superior User Experience

  • Turns every user into a power user - advanced list, group and data management capabilities.
  • For the user, by the user - fully personalized experience
  • Contextual, intelligent and rich - social CRM, integrated back-office and deep visualization.
  • Work smarter, not harder - advanced lead management, customizable sales processes and powerful workflow orchestration.
  • Uncompromising user empowerment - offline, online or mobile


Superior Route to Business Success with CRM

  • On-premise, cloud or partner hosted - choose now; change your mind later, but always on your terms.
  • Global experience, local expertise - SalesLogix partner champions who know your business.
  • Connect with Success - SalesLogix Community, IdeaLogix, Learning Lounge and Forums
  • Licenses or subscriptions, named or concurrent, perpetual or time limited, with or without finance - maximum flexibility, but always a competitive TCO with proven Return on Investment
  • Grows at your pace - regular releases, upgrade when you want

Extensibility & Technology Platform

  • Leverage more of what you have already - standards based technology platform; software infrastructure choice.
  • All the benefits, without the compromise - rich Internet application; connected or disconnected
  • Unlocking the power of the mobile workforce - persistent client, broad device support, ease of administration and low TCO
  • Ready to extend, integrate and customize - RESTful web services, sData integration, deep customization capabilities


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