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Benefits of Effective CRM - a B2B Client Perspective

Delivering-Effective-CRMClient states significant business benefits which accrue from effective, integrated CRM

We love it when B2B clients come up with great business benefits of effective CRM.  The following was recently shared with us.


  • Powerful tool for managing the business whether you are a Regional Manager, Territory Manager, Customer Service Rep, or in marketing
  • Utilized to view, understand and measure wins, losses, pipeline, and manage opportunities.
  • Helps you forecast, understand pipeline, control inventory, understand market dynamics
  • Its a way to share information across the organization- improve communication effectiveness.
  • One stop shop to manage customer communications, track opportunities
  • Can customize reports, lists and dashboards to what you want to see when you want to see it.
  • Can tie your communications with your customers right to their account
  • Leads from website can drop into account managers
  • Can add customer communications directly from an email
  • Its the Expectation that ALL company sales utilize  Infor CRM (Saleslogix) for capturing opportunities tied to accounts
  • It doesn't cost you time, it saves you time.  As good as what is entered!
  • To measure how we are doing in business 
  • Track competitive influence in sales opportunities wins/losses
  • Identification of competitive strategy, weakness, and product differentiation for more effective selling.


As you look over your customer relationship management system what benefits are you realizing from your CRM?

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