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Small Business Owners using ACT! Hosted Services for Cloud Access

The number one question I have been askedWork Smarter in the Cloud from my ACT! clients this year:

My small business is growing and I need access to my ACT! data on my mobile devices and access via Web, but I ....

  • have ACT! Pro Edition of software and it's an older version. 

    • With ACT! Hosted Services the latest Premium version of ACT! software is included in monthly hosting investment.*

  • don't want additional IT costs.

    • You can forget about additional hardware needs or complex configuration.  You also benefit from Swiftpage's secure, state-of-the art data center that's monitored 24/7.  ACT! handles the ongoing maintenance and performs nighly back-ups.

  • want fast setup to my ACT data in the cloud.

    •  In most cases the whole process from quote to accessing your database via cloud is about 1-3 days.

  • may need technical support accessing my data via cloud.  Is this included?*

    • Yes, you can contact ACT! Technical Support for support questions. With ACT!'s Business Care that is included with your monthly subscription you get top level tech support here localy in the US!*


  • still need a remote (off-line) copy of my database. What other advantages does this provide me?

    • Yes. The remote database gives you the ability to:

      •  update user settings

      •  customize reports 

      •  access to a host of commonly-used desktop ACT! add-ons

      •  modify User Security Access

      •  import Data

      •  create Loacl Data Backups


 Getting Started with ACT! Hosted Solution Video:

ACT Hosted


*For Act! Hosted: Review Act! system requirements at www.act.com/systreq. You must purchase one Act! Hosted subscription per user. Feature limitations with Act! Premium (access via web) apply for online access. View the KB to learn more. Visit the Act! Marketplace or contact your Julie Coper, your add-on product provider, to determine compatibility for your add-on products.


Still have questions if this is the soltuion for your business?  

Call Julie for your specific business needs: 269-445-3001.


Topics:   Swiftpage e-Marketing Lower IT costs Make your business work smarter Web-based productivity tools

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