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The Most Popular Content about Selling, Marketing and Customer service

Julie and I here at Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. have been compiling our most effective and practical advice from this year' "Business Success with CRM" blog, that you as our readers, enjoyed over the past year. 

The biggest trend that has arrived and will be getting strong is around "Mobility" and all the systems/tools to Enable Sales performance and CRM engagement with mobility.

May you pick up useful knowledge that will improve your business life and those around you.


7 Steps for a Positive Sales Image

CRM-Results-with-SalesLogixYour self-image is intimately related to your sales image. Follow these 7 principles from sales consultant and author Brian Tracy to insure that your image is positive. First, interpret things in a positive light about yourself. Read on for all 7 principles.


Why Adopt CRM in the Cloud?

Efficiency and utilization improvements along with lower operating costs with the cloud...

Cloud computing has long been a popular topic for businesses worldwide. Why? The cloud promises many benefits including the ability for IT departments to scale and add new capabilities without the need for large infrastructure or staff expenditures. According to a recent Gartner report, cloud based services are making it easier for businesses to evaluate software, add new users, and upgrade to the latest software versions. Why the hype?  Find out more here...


Turn That Frown Upside Down: Why CRM Matters in a Down Economy

Navigating through turbulent times is never easy, but today's economic conditions are more challenging than most companies have ever faced. The instinctive action is switch to defensive mode; cut all strategic projects then wait until things improve. But retreating could actually prove to be more detrimental in the long term. New opportunities are present for companies that invest wisely in information technologies.  It is possible to turn that frown upside down! Read more here..


I'm Sending Emails, but I Don't Know How Effective They Are.  Help!

One of our clients uses ACT!  to its full potential in a professional career. Another works in logistics, killing it, getting calls from emails that are automatically sent out even as she travels the country. A third user we’ll be talking about does amazing things through their non-profit, organizing the repairing of housing for the poor, doing things organizationally that simply couldn’t happen without ACT!  Follow these real life examples. Can you learn from each of these?  Find out how here.



15 Actions to Achieve Better CRM user Engagement and Adoption

Implementing a quality CRM strategic solution is one of the simplest ways to induce dynamic change in your organization. Yet employees typically feel uncomfortable with change. If you can’t get end-user buy-in, your initiative won’t work. Over the years we’ve learned some hints for promoting CRM as part of your business culture.  Keep reading to learn 15 of them.


7 Keys to Customer Loyalty

At the core of CRM’s value is how it can help you retain profitable customers. Strengthen the bond between the solutions you provide to your customers, the people representing your business, and your loyal customers by embracing these principles and employing these actions. Serve first—sell second and 6 more.



SalesLogix Mobile

SalesLogix-MobilePlugging into Saleslogix mobile also keeps your back office staff in the loop, no surprises, no delays. Your sales manager can easily monitor open opportunities, review forecasts, and follow up for quality control purposes. As soon as the field agent updates the client's record, she can see what transpired and plug that information automatically into her reports. The big picture unfolds, without having to wait for sales reps to call in or return to the office. Read on here.



30 Smart Ideas and Tips for Greater Business Success with CRM

A CRM system will succeed or fail for many reasons. When it fails, it often means that several requirements were not met, such as a customer-centric focus pervading the whole organization. These 3 sets of 10 proven ideas will help to ensure effective implementation across all departments and employee levels. Read on.

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11 Reasons to Choose Saleslogix CRM

We are often asked why select a specific CRM system and this covers the main key reasons.

So what does that mean to you, as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a sales manager or business professional?   We know that people buy from people and that means relationship development occurs:  from know, to like, to trust. It means the identification, the storage, and the quick access to valuable knowledge for smarter business decisions. It means CRM without compromise. Find out why here...



Is your CRM System Supporting or Suppressing You?

What’s not working? What is? How should you proceed into the future? These ten questions help you get a handle on whether your CRM system is supporting you or suppressing you. Get started here.


What New capabilities are now available in ACT! 2013 or Infor CRM  (formally Saleslogix)

Like a new car model that rolls into the show room or that new 60 inch TV Entertainment system, we all seem to gravitate to what's new.  Yes this is a bit of self-promotion - we are a "for profit" small business.....engaging our clients with ways to amplify business success with CRM strategies, processes and tools. 

So without further ado read more about a very popular contact management solution, ACT! 2013 that has been helping salespersons, sales management and business owners for 25 years grow their business. Also our Success with Act!  hub leads to helpful videos, tours and resources to download.

As your business outgrows Sage ACT!, needs additional personalization for the way you do business or just has a bigger need for mid market or enterprise CRM then SalesLogix 8 fits the requirements for most business organizations.  Our Success with Infor CRM hub leads to additional resources, videos and images of what is possible now to help attract, keep and develop long term profitable customers.



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