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Effective CRM Closes the Sales Frustration Gap

Start by getting into a Positive Frame of Mind

I remember hearing Larry, a business development manager, talk about the transformations he made during a roll out when we were implementing SalesLogix in the Cloud. After using ACT for several years on his laptop, Larry was familiar with contact management basics.  Early on he had gotten over the fear that he would be less valuable to the company if his knowledge of the customers and the market place was being stored and shared in the company's contact database.  Larry realized the information in the company database was only as good as the information he and fellow professionals added to the system.

Originally there was a struggle moving to the technology of a Windows PC and contact management software. It required learning new operational processes and harnessing piles of information. He realized he had an opportunity to look for improvement or keep hold of the pains involved with a change.  He chose to adapt and grew to find ways for the contact management system to improve how he dealt with building business relationships and growing his book of business.


Another change - another opportunity?

Skip ahead 5 years and consider the changes that have occurred in marketing your business, extending the reach of your business contacts, staying current with industry trends and grabbing improvements in your processes with new technology tools.  Devices have gotten much more mobile, have rapidly grown in capabilities, and we even use different hand movements to manage those piles of information.  Smart phones are so intelligent they now can talk back with useful suggestions.  You are kept informed of appointments, important tasks and even where the nearest Starbucks is located.  Geocoding allows you to map out prospects and customer locations nearby - allowing for a valuable quick visit. 

So now my business development - sales oriented client is being asked to change from this trusty Windows ACT system to a company-wide, cloud based hosted system using SalesLogix.  Instead of Microsoft Windows tools Larry now uses a popular web browser to connect over the Internet.  In fact sales representatives all over the Midwest are browsing, updating and extracting useful, shared information about what's happening in their corporation: what leads are getting qualified as valid opportunities, what sales opportunities are moving through or stuck in the pipeline, or what customer service matters are being recorded and hopefully resolved timely.


Pivot to a new perspective

So as I'm walking Larry through the new and revised methods of managing his business contacts with his web browser tool, he turns to me and says, "When I realized that I just need to pivot my thinking from the pains of this change to figuring out how this Saleslogix CRM tool can help me do my work, my whole perspective changed.  I now am thinking of questions to ask you about better ways to send out email correspondence, better ways to keep 'top of mind' with my customers and cool ways to just be more effective."  Wow, I said to him.  Thanks for the shared insight. Sometimes I'm so familiar with the tools we use I forget to consider the importance of new ideas gained for new perspectives....

Now the business development/sales teams are cooking using their laptops to connect to their SalesLogix Cloud CRM System. They add site visit notes, set up follow-up appointments and move the sales process ahead a few steps. Reps easily look smarter in front of their prospects because they have up to date, insightful knowledge about what is happening.

Sales management is able to watch various dashboards to monitor key performance indicators.  Management can dynamically see the results of what the reps in the field are doing and don't have to hassle them for call reports.



Yet another change - Replace the old Blackberry or Dumb phone...

SalesLogix-MobileNext change:  Yes, they are getting new phones and some hot new tablets.  Those Blackberry phones were cool in their day but with the Apple iPhone/iPad and devices like the Android based Samsung Galaxy phones and tablet 10.1 there are just too many great technology options available. Larry is pivoting from nervous to excited about a new tool that will be more engaging...

The mobile CRM options with ACTand Saleslogix provide rich, flexible user experiences without the previously historical learning curve.  Full-featured mobile CRM really can be at your fingertips.   Now instead of just tapping on specific keys or moving around a mouse, we are learning new hand gestures.....


Next Step

Quick- pivot to a new perspective and consider ways to use your CRM tools to help you get the results you desire.  Of course, we are here to help you walk through the options available today and those coming up for 2013 and beyond!

Call us at 269-445-3001 to "Amplify your business success with CRM!"




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