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From Selling a System to Becoming Trusted Advisor: Part 2

Last week I told you about Printing Pros, the business that first contacted us when their sales team was begging for a CRM system.

Results Gained with CRM 

Sage ACT Trusted Advisor

Now their team loves Sage ACT! for several reasons, one being that they don’t have to do call reports any more. That’s right. No more spending hours at the end of every week compiling a list of who they contacted and the results, because every step is tracked in ACT.

 All the owner has to do is go to his dashboard, and he can at a glance see his business’s history, up-to-date and with accurate numbers.

 The productivity of the sales team is soaring, and that makes everyone happy.

The VP of sales at Printing Pros called us again a couple of months ago, not with a problem but with a question. Seems he’d been reading our newsletter, he liked what he was reading, and he thought maybe it was time to take some next stepswhat would we suggest?


Empower Your CRM With A Trusted Advisor 

We had a really good conversation, and as a result he asked us to come in every month and take a look at their database, then help them with monthly assessments based on that data and advise them on next actions.

CRM Sales Funnel


One of the first things that has become obvious is that Printing Pros never had a sales funnel before, because they had no hard data to work from. Now the data is there because their sales reps are capturing it. The next step we recommend is to identify trends, create forecasts, and track opportunities with the most potential.

More valuable information was put into the system by the sales team and better decisions were made faster by management and the owner. The time saved allowed the sales team to focus on obtaining more new business and owner/management to focus on possible new directions to take the company.


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