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Your Relationship.  Your Information. Your CRM!

So what does that mean to you, as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a sales manager or business professional?   We know that people buy from people and that means relationship development occurs:  from know, to like, to trust. It means the identification, the storage, and the quick access to valuable knowledge for smarter business decisions. It means CRM without compromise.

Your processes for identifying prospects, acquiring customers, building loyalty, and delivering an exceptional customer experience are what makes your business unique and successful.  Sage SalesLogix is a powerful CRM solution that helps accelerate your strategic advantage.


  1. Build rich customer profiles by capturing data across all customer touch points: initial inquiry and follow up, sales conversations, customer service issue calls and resolution, etc. 



  1. Arm sales and marketing teams with the sales automation, productivity and business analytic tools they need to increase performance. Provide self configurable dashboard with content of open sales opportunities, sales funnel by stage, close opportunity analysis, opportunites generated per campaign and interested prospects from your recent emails/newsletter.


  1. Target your most profitable prospects and customers through multi-channel marketing campaign management tools.  Think getting and keeping those profitable ideal customers you enjoy serving.  Think keeping in contact your business stay 'top of mind'....


  1. Reporting and analytics tools to gain insights from your information.  Providing clear, accurate data to empower decision making at all levels of your organization. Use advanced analytics tools to access performance across your organization and uncover new opportunities.


  1. Advanced customization capabilities to support the unique way you do business.  Personalize, configure, and customize the application to make it yours. Tailor-made solutions for the way you do business.


  1. Exceptional usability to enhance the productivity of your users. Increased user adoption leads to increases in engagement and effectiveness. SalesLogix is easy to learn and has an easy to use interface, so your team will be up and running, and productive, fast.


  1. Powerful integration capabilities for a real 360° view of your customers.  Integrate with business management systems, desktop productivity tools, web services, and social media.


  1. A Sage partner, developer and customer ecosystem to support your CRM success.  With many years' of business and CRM experience of implemented systems by Success with CRM Consulting, along with Sage user communities you'll have help and specialist expertise of support the way you do business.


  1. Deliver outstanding customer experiences by quickly and knowledgeably addressing customer inquiries.  Locate that important contact, support ID, technical resolution, status of a quote, etc.  Happier people being helped by caring professionals using enabling technology.


  1. Partnerships: Our collaborative, co-design approach with our entrepreneurial drive and get it done attitude Match up your desired outcomes to the CRM system capabilities and a businesss partner interested in your long term business success.


  1. Flexibility to get started. Select from flexible deployment options - in the Cloud or On-Premises - with the total confidence in the security of your data.  Sage also allows a choice of access and payment methods that are right for your unique business.


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