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Getting things done faster and engaged with Sage SalesLogix 8

Faster & Smarter Management of Your Calendar

A major enhancement of the SalesLogix 8 involves the creating and management of your communications with improvements to the calendar, scheduling and alert notification.

The rich user web interface has a more streamlined look and feel that also provides improved performance and more personalization.

Configurable Pop up Alert Notification:

Alerts help you keep track of activities with triggered alarms and unconfirmed activities. The popup alerts can be configured to stay out of your way if needed.  Note the hyper links to quickly open the activity or linked account/contact. 

You can snooze or dismiss selected activity alarms, or snooze or dismiss all of your alarms.  You can also view Activity details and accept or decline unconfirmed activities.



Calendar view with ability to pick up to 5 users and view a color coded calendar. Easily select a day, week or monthly view. No need to switch out to Microsoft Outlook. Hover the mouse over an activity to view more details without having to open the activity.

Month view


Weekly view


Improved Activities:

  • The Availability tab allows you to view other user's calendars and determine availability for other users's and resources.
  • A location box allows you to enter a location for a phone call or meeting or automatically add the location if one is selected from the Availability tab.
  • Activity confirmations now provide more information to help you determine whether to accept or decline an invitation.
  • Updated Activity List view has new tabs, improved filters and Common tasks.  Use the My Activities tab to view activities where you are the leader or a member.
  • You can view contact and account or lead information, like a phone number, by hovering over the name in the activity detail view or Alerts view.


Additionally there are improvements in the bulk actions- doing more with one action:

  • when completing and deleting activities
  • email to multiple contacts and leads with a new common task
  • update leads and lead reassignment of owner or account manager
  • deleting multiple leads
  • updating multiple opportunities


Easily select (highlight) multiple activities with options to Open Activity, Complete Activity, Delete Activity, Go to and Schedule....



Configure it Your Way

Options are now shared between the Sales Windows and Web client.  New activity user options allow you to set defalts per activity type

Decide what information on the Calendar to show.....


Alert Options:                                                  SalesLogix-8-options-alerts

Activity Options:


Mobile Highlights

More adaptable user interface.  For example, the activities section moves to right side when in a landscape mode of your iPhone/iPad and back to a more vertical presentation when in portrait mode.  Quickly view the number of activities for each date or click on a day to see more details and select a specific activity using hyperlink.


It is now easier to select the date and time from your mobile device with spinner controls.



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