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The way your work can become simpler and more valuable

There are times when you need to step backRe-imagine-CRM-Way-you-work from the day to day work in the business and to "work ON the business" as I recommend to fellow entrepreneurs and business professionals.   It's important to take dedicated time to focus on the business and re-imagine what a better future would include.

Re-imagine the way you and your employee work so that less activity will actually produce better results.  With the right strategy, the right tools and the smarts to work with better processes and systems, we can get better results.  Consider the ways you and others could work smarter.


 With a quality CRM system in place:

  • You could be checking your smart phone for scheduled appointments and daily to do tasks in your calendar or your iPad tablet.
  • You could be viewing a colorful, informative bar charts within your dashboard view of:
    • open sales opportunities at various milestones in your selling/prospects buying process
    • your current closed sales compared to monthly goals
    • top YTD sales versus prior year sales of your "A" ideal customers
  • You could click on a contact's phone number in your smart phone's CRM system then click from a few drop down lists that describe the essence of the prospect's call and next steps.
  • You could be using your PC's web browser, finding an opportunity from your CRM's open opportunity listing then clicking to update the sales process step- showing progress to your manager on the opportunity.


  • No more needing to create a sales call activity report because the sales manager can use their on demand "Sales team report" to pick the time frame to view what each sales rep has recorded as contact notes to the opportunities they are working on and new accounts/contact that have been recently created.
  • As a customer service manager you can quickly view trending issues that are reoccurring, share working solutions to customer issues and improve the quality of the customers' experience.
  • As a sales manager you can easily spot the sales opportunities that are stuck in the pipeline and you can more effectively help sales reps in a timely fashion or guide them into more qualified opportunities.
  • You'd have more clarity with access to dynamic business intelligence - most loyal customers, top selling products, top sales reps, geography of prior sales, forecasted revenue by product line and so on.
  • As the business owner you'd be sleeping more comfortably at night because the business has accurately captured forecasted revenue, has decreased the sales cycle time and is retaining 90% of the profitable customers year after year. Now you have a CRM knowledge system that is an appreciating asset.

Looking to turn your visions of a better future of business development into reality?  Let's start a conversation, click or call: 269-445-3001.

By the way- I strongly recommend you connect with the principles and ideas from Tom Peter's book, Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age ....


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