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Creating the best customer experience

Maybe a better question to ask first is when exactly is the first impression? Is it when a prospective customer hears about you for the first time? Is it when they visit your web site? Is it the first time they speak to someone on the phone? Or is it some combination of all of the above?

First-Impression-experienceMost business owners would agree that first impressions are indelibly formed at the first significant human-to-human interaction (voice to voice or face to face). Your website or storefront may form an initial impression, but as humans, we tend to recall, and assign emotion to, the first interaction with another human.

What impression do you form when a hotel shuttle keeps you waiting in the cold for 30 minutes longer than they said they would take? Or when you are waiting at a counter and the sales clerk takes a phone call while they are waiting on you - and you end up waiting? We all have experienced having to type in our phone number or account number into a system, only to then have the first real person you speak with, then ask you for this information all over again.

So how do you make sure the first impression your customers or clients get is the one you want them to get? One suggestion is to shop yourself - often. Pretend to be a prospect or have a friend play the role, and see what that first phone call is really like. And then once you have an understanding of your prospect's experience, you can start to make changes.

Integrated Systems that work together

One of the first places to look - and to see a big return - is at your systems. Over the years your business may have grown, and added a number of point-of-pain systems (those systems or processes that solve just one problem). And its likely that those systems don't do a great job of talking to each other so that they can pass critical information back and forth without effort. Integration in your business of your people, processes and data systems are key to continued success.

Having an accounting system, an inventory system, a customer/prospect relationship system, your website and your telephone system all being able to communicate with other makes it easier - on you, your customers and your prospects.

Call us today to talk about how we can help your systems communicate as well as your people.


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