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Positive-sales-imageRecently I was reminded of a few helpful reminders that apply to selling and solving a customer's challenges.  Here are seven steps to consider as you develop a positive self-image:

Take responsibility for yourself. Instead of making excuses when things go wrong, accept the blame.  Then you can start thinking about the ways to avoid the same mistake.

Interpret things in a positive light. Be optimistic in the face of difficulty.  It will help you shrug off problems that might depress another person.

Be persistent. Be willing to stay at it and work at it longer than everybody else.  If you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, you will develop your persistence.  Try to have the self-discipline to continue when you are tired and discouraged. Nowadays you may need to make up to 8 - 10 contacts with a new prospect to get their attention and meet with you.

Demonstrate integrity. Customers value honesty as the salesperson's most important quality. Integrity builds your self-confidence.  You will feel better about yourself if you are completely honest in everything you say or do.

Develop an "attitude of gratitude". Be thankful for your health, your family, your home and your work.  Try to avoid sharing personal problems or concerns with your customers.  If you tell people you're happy with your life, you'll usually find that you actually are happier.

Outline clear, specific goals.  This will give you the intensity of purpose that separates the top salespeople from the rest.  Try to set goals for each month, quarter and year.  Goals allow you to allocate your time and resources more intelligently.  Always a good thing when you can work smarter.

Develop a commitment to excellence. Believe you deserve the best for yourself.  Some salespeople have difficulty overcoming the 'deservingness" obstacle.  Accept that you deserve any success you achieve as a result of honest, hard work, and determination. Always be searching for excellence in what you do for others.


Thanks to Brian Tracy for reminding me of these points.  Brian is a sales consultant, trainer and prolific author - one of the best that I have found!


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