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What if you get hit by a truck? What if it is your top sales person?

Boothill-CRM-GraveyardYou’ve started a business and worked hard to make it successful. Could it remain so if you weren’t there?  What if it was your sales manager or top sales person?

I don’t mean to be a pessimist here, but illnesses and accidents do happen. So does retirement. Knowledge residing only inside your head or key employees is really not wise.


Knowledge Captured and Shared

You know a ton from personal and business communications. Isn't it all recorded somewhere in an organized, searchable place, shareable with members of your staff who would carry on those relationships?

When you’ve captured all you know about your customers in a CRM database, you’ve started the foundation of a growing asset to your business that, in sickness and in health, will enable wise decision-making. And prioritizing.

Do you have processes set up so that if you had to be gone for awhile, someone else stepping in – or up – wouldn’t have to figure out everything from scratch? If you have to replace a sales person can you hire a new rep who can get up to speed faster using the relationship notes and a proven sales process from your CRM system?

Management software such as ACT! , Sage CRM  and SalesLogix solutions have many features to facilitate your business development and sustained growth. Also your business operates differently than your competitors so ask us about customizing one to suit your needs.

CRM-Calm-sailingEven if you continue to sail through life smoothly, and we hope you do, think how much more peace of mind you’d have knowing that your business would stay strong without you. And in the meantime, capturing knowledge and establishing processes just plain make everyone in your business work more effectively.

Reality sets in. One of our clients had lost a key sales manager to a hunting accident and another to a heart attack at a young age.  Having at least some of their knowledge and management processes captured was at least some benefit to the business owners peace of mind.

Now just remember: Buckle up, look both ways, eat your veggies, and exercise. Here’s to health, long life -- and a good strong CRM system.


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