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Prepare for success before it happens with CRM.

The other day I was watching an episode of one of my favorite television shows, American Pickers, on the History Channel. During the episode in question the featured business had an opportunity to open a new branch office in Tennessee. No doubt getting featured regularly on a television show which was becoming popular poised their business for growth!

Better-CRM-With-Sage-ACTThe new branch manager needed a list of clients to begin calling, so the owners got out a spiral notebook and began making copies. I couldn’t believe my eyes: they’re on the TV History Channel getting national attention and their contact management system is a spiral notebook? Perhaps there’s something quaint and television-worthy about doing things in this manner, but I was still amazed.

Not only was the supervisor of the company going to have no way to know if the new employee ever called the clients that needed to be contacted, the new employee wasn’t even writing any notes while the conversation was taking place. Knowledge was getting lost minute by minute. Future opportunities were getting lost.  Everything about the whole situation was asking for customers to fall through the cracks.


Prepare for success - capturing knowledge

You may say “well, my business doesn’t need that high tech stuff.”

What about a good inventory list? Or a list of people who’ve told you they’re looking for certain items? Can you keep all this in your head by memory? Sure, your hot clients are in your mind all the time. But what about the warm ones? What about those you think are cool, but with an occasional touch could be turned into a warm lead?


How a small business stays lucky...

We have a client from Saskatchewan. The company is a small, rural, family business based out in the Canadian Rockies. They build all manner of wooden puzzles and mail to both retail customers and a variety of wholesalers and shops. It’s the same sort of rustically glamorous type of business that we all think would be run in an antiquated way with paper spreadsheets and Rolodexes.

What are their results gained with CRM? Just like any company selling any other product, high- or low- tech, or a service professional like an insurance agent, our puzzle makers are never puzzled by the loss of a phone number! It’s all right there in Sage ACT! When a lead gradually warms up, they’ll know. When it’s time to ask for referrals they’ll know who their biggest fans are.


Interested in getting in a position to get and stay lucky?  Give Julie a call: 269-445-3001.


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