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Top 10 Reasons Our Clients Find Sage ACT! the Best Solution

After working with my clients that have adopted Sage ACT! in their businesses, I wanted to get a simple, to the point, reason why Sage ACT! has been the best solution for their type of business.

Here are the top 10 reasons. . .

Did you hear

  1. It gets the job done for managing contact and customer information.
  2. It is down-right affordable.
  3. It is intuitive enough to get us going fast and managing our business day.
  4. It is easily modifiable.  With a few clicks a new field can be added and placed on the company, contact or opportunity forms.
  5. It has a long (25 years) history in the sales professional networks as the go to solution.  Lots of tips and resources to support our success.
  6. It is easily integrated with eMarketing so that email responses and customer survey results keep our sales department up to date on our hot and warm self-qualified prospects.
  7. The Web user interface is so close to the Windows version that its much easier to move the business to the cloud or a web environment.
  8. There are useful mobile options available for smart phones and table devices.
  9. Configurable dashboards show how our business is doing so our users, management and the business owners can make better decisions, faster.
  10. There is a large set of specific add-on, enhanced functionality apps. Kind of like the iPhone apps world...

After reading all of the on-line reviews, having a conversation with a software consultant and even demoing the product - sometimes it just takes the simplest explanation from everyday Sage ACT! users to understand what are the biggest values. 

We want to hear from you! What is your #1 reason Sage ACT! has been the best CRM solution for your business?

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