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Sage SalesLogix 8 - CRM with more than just another pretty face

CRM that Gets it Done ... and looks Good...

As a business owner who uses CRM and as a Sage business partner solving business development needs of our clients, we look forward to the latest release of Sage SalesLogix version 8. It is like making an investment in a new car that gets you where you want to go in style plus you feel good while having the driving experience.


This new version boasts a new look and feel and has well over 160 new features to improve user productivity and adoption. 

"It does more to meet the needs of greater data security by adding more ways to data safeguard information.  We have improved performance across the board and most notably with high use areas such as activities and calendaring.  V8 helps to greatly simplify how we integrate with other applications using a next generation web-service based integration contract.  And we have made sure to simplify how you customize the system to better meet your needs." states Dave Wallace, Sage SalesLogix director of product management. Read Dave's full article on Sage SalesLogix community. 

Fresh new look and feel. 

Version 8 introduces the new, refactored user interfaces for LAN and Web clients offer a sleek, modern look and feel, designed for the new user and for the power user. 

The interfaces set themselves apart in many ways.  It isn’t just about looking great.  The new interface has several improvements to enhance user productivity as well.  The LAN client for example has its new ribbon-ized tool bar, modern user experience, and full support for Unicode. 


The web client improves on its award winning, highly usable, user friendly web interface so that it feels like you are running your application locally. 


High use areas such as calendaring, activities, navigation, managing lists, quickly finding data using dynamic filters have all been optimized for better performance.  A number of improvements have been added to enhance productivity for end-users, managers, administrators, and individuals configuring or customizing the system.  New power tools have been added to better support managing large data sets.


V8 has well over 160 new features- capabilities you'll find useful in many ways. 

Features such as changing multiple activities, leads, and opportunities with a single right click menu option.  More options to better support moving and duplicating contacts.  Scrollbars have been added to most tabs eliminating the need to page multiple times to find your data.  Notes have been moved alongside the data so that you can read the note while traversing the list.  No need to drill through each line item. Configurable popup alerts help you manage your day so you remain on top of needed actions.


Filters have been added to tabs with lists to make it easier to limit the data to just what you need to see.  Look ups have been greatly improved by taking the best of each of the different look ups and merging them together into a unified look up control.  The unified experience simplifies the experience, reduces training requirements, and increases productivity


Safeguarding your data is top of mind these days. 

With all of the new policies and concerns of data security, Sage made sure that your data is protected in the Cloud or behind your firewall.  New password management options have been added to enforce tighter enforcement of IT password policies.  Remote synchronization has been added to better safeguard data on remote laptops.


Using a known contract for optimized integration 

Saleslogix-Integration-ContractSage is always seeking ways to simplify process and ownership of integrating with other apps.  The new web service-based, firewall friendly, high-performing Integration Contract is all about simplifying and reducing the risk of integration.  The Integration Contract is the new way Sage is integrating with other disparate systems and unifying the experience so it feels seamless to the end user. 

SalesLogix uses a contract based integration mechanism instead of the traditional batch and load file sharing or through field-mapped 3rd party middleware.  The contract uses a novel idea of allowing the each system to manage the data using the business logic built into each system to share its data and import shared data.  No need to duplicate business logic using middleware utilities that can be problematic to maintain and upgrade. 

The Integration Contract uses an extensible, predefined mapping that can stand the test of time and simplifies the upgrade experience.  The Integration Contract also defines a seamless user experience.  The user stays in the experience of CRM.  Data is pulled in real time from other systems and presented to the user using views designed and built for CRM users.  The experience can be totally driven from within the CRM experience.  Sage SalesLogix will debut the Integration Contract with Sage ERP X3.


An Engine that Can Adapt to Your Business- quickly.. 

SalesLogix-Engine-that-canThe award winning adaptive platform has many improvements as well.  The adaptive platform is engine behind the great user experience and delivering the power to each power user whether you are currently on the LAN or drive the product using the Web Client or Mobile Client.  The adaptive platform gains a big boost in capabilities through the addition of dynamic customizations and new Job manager service. 

Developing custom applications are important when you need that extra edge to beat your competition and keep your existing customers happy.  Version 8 builds on previously capability to deliver configurable UI using secured actions, row or field level security, filters, and extending web service data. 


WOW - looks like a business can start with foundational CRM, stay adaptable and enjoy the experience in building their business.


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