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Is your CRM System Supporting or Suppressing You?

Time for a review of what is working, what is not and how to proceed.

CRM-suppressing-YouWe live in a crazy busy world but successful companies step back every so often to gain a fresh perspective of what is occurring in their business. Sometimes you wonder if your CRM system is supporting or suppressing you.  So we provide business development, customer service and contact relationship management reviews.  A survey is a great place to start. Consider that your CRM system relates to a systematic approach to acquiring, growing and retaining profitable customers.

A survey helps you gather your thoughts, analyze your current world and consider fresh insights to the current situation. It helps in better understanding your current situation, challenges and opportunities along with your desired improved future. The survey will help in providing a much more valuable conversation when we next talk with our prospects and clients.

Consider these type of survey questions:

1. What tools are you currently using for managing prospects, contacts and history of their communications? Let's find out what you're not doing. Yelling across the room or paper form shuffle may be your current method.


2. When considering contact and company information, what types of additional information would be helpful in your role?  Let's find out what information would help you to be more effective.  Some items to get you thinking are.

    • Past Sales history

    • Accounts Receivable terms/aging

    • Open and historical quotes/proposals

    • Product Catalog

    • Competitive Info: weakness/strengths

    • Related email communications

    • Historical notes of last communications

    • Social Media links and posts

    • Other personal or company information


3. What type of communication devices do you use professionally? Let's consider the enabling effect of technology such as:

    • Apple iPhone

    • Apple iPad

    • Android Phone

    • Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire)

    • PC desktop

    • Apple Mac Laptop/Desktop


4. What email system do you use?  Today business communications through electronic means is critical for staying in touch, being alerted and having a thread to follow those longer conversations. 


5. Choose up to 3 areas that you would love to see improved: Let's get personal and find those items you'd passionately love to improve.  Consider areas such as:

    • Duplicated or inaccurate customer profile information

    • Too long of a sales process

    • Missed or inaccurate communications among various departments

    • Lack of timely follow up of prospects or customers

    • Too difficult to find key information easily

    • Lost revenue from not cross selling or up selling

    • Lack of customer issue/resolution tracking system

    • Lack of centralized and complete knowledge about customers

    • Not knowing quickly where sales opportunities stand

    • Duplicated data entry in various systems


6. Observed better options. We all have observed some better options in our daily work lives. What other capabilities have you seen or heard about that would be helpful in performing your daily tasks?


7. Performance measurement. Describe how your performance is measured.  Let's get clear on what results are expected.


 8. Sales mobility: If you had access to all your prospects and customer contacts, notes, emails and sales opportunities on your smart phone or iPad, how often would you access the information?

    • Not applicable

    • Never

    • Very rarely, 1-2 times a week

    • Rarely, 3-5 times a week

    • Daily, 6-20 times a week

    • Frequently, more than 4 times a day


9. What is holding you back from effectiveness or full engagement in your role?


10. Rate your ease of work flow processing for each of the following tasks:(Terrible, Easy, Never Tried, Never Need To)

    • Entering a new lead and setting up related information.

    • Converting a new lead to a prospective customer.

    • Creating and managing the sales process for each sales opportunity.

    • Identifying customer service/support issues and creating a timely resolution that works.

    • Looking up product information in our product catalog to generate a customer or prospect quote

    • Sending email through Microsoft Outlook with it automatically being saved to the contact record.

    • Recording email from Microsoft Outlook to a linked contact record with a single mouse click.

    • Sending out bulk emails or electronic newsletters with targeted content to selected contacts.

    • Following up to new web site inquiries. 



These are just a starting point for determining if your CRM system is supporting or suppressing you.  With feedback to survey questions we will provide a valued report of our analysis with actionable steps. 

To take our free information survey click HERE.



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