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Business on the Go - Trends in Mobility - Sage ACT! 2013

Opportunities Now Available in Sage ACT! Premium Mobile

Sage ACT! 2013 will be released after Labor day to the public.  The Premium Mobile 2013 solution has been updated for the managing of sales opportunities.  So now the mobile sales person can pop open their smart phone or iPad and with a few clicks create a new sales opportunity.   Below you see the selection of the sales stage on an iPad.



Next, the user associates the opportunity with an existing contact, fills in the final details and saves the record.


Travel Agile and Light:

You're going places and need to travel agile and light. So to keep that momentum going, it's critical that your business command center goes with you. With Sage ACT! Premium Mobile*, you can stay connected to your business by accessing your Sage ACT! Premium contacts, calendar, and opportunity details from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The team at Sage is dedicated to providing contemporary features that will help propel your team's success. Mobile is changing the way business is conducted, and with Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, everyone is kept on the same page with real-time updates to the latest customer information. No more struggling to recall fuzzy details, or worse, being at a total disadvantage with old data.


Easily view, add, and edit Sage ACT! contact details, notes, history, and activities, as well as opportunities for a powerful sales advantage.





And when you upgrade to Sage ACT! Premium 2013, you can now enjoy Opportunities functionality as part of Sage ACT! Premium Mobile. The Opportunities view provides a filterable list and configurable display including related products and services.

It allows you to associate Opportunities with Contacts, Activities, Notes, and History.

Simply configure and personalize your contact layout and opportunity views, by device, to best suit your work style and maximize screen real estate.

Focus your energy on high-priority opportunities by filtering your list view based on date, status, process, and stage—like commitment to buy.





Boost your effectiveness with a sleek interface that features Quick Actions and follows familiar Sage ACT! functionality, like capturing conversation notes after a call, and immediately adding to history in the database.

Conduct a global search on any text field, even attachments, to find and open precisely what you need, when you need it—quickly.



Leverage Effective Tools to Stay Ahead:

In a competitive environment, you need to leverage effective tools to stay ahead. Sage understands the importance of mobile technologies and has chosen to include Sage ACT! Premium Mobile at no additional charge with your purchase of Sage ACT! Premium. So, stay productive and keep your conversations fluid with the convenience of using familiar Sage ACT! functionality on your mobile device.


Visit our What's new in Sage ACT! 2013 page for more information and images of mobility in action


*Sage ACT! Premium Mobile requires setup and configuration of Sage ACT! Premium (access via web). Data access available through active Internet connection from supported device browsers. Review Sage ACT! system requirements at www.ACT.com/SystReq. You are responsible for all data-related charges to your device.


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