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Turn that frown upside down - with CRM for your business growth

CRM enables your business to Deliver....

CRM-Turn-frown-upside-downNavigating through turbulent times is never easy, but today's economic conditions are more challenging than most companies have ever faced. The instinctive action is switch to defensive mode; cut all strategic projects then wait until things improve. But retreating could actually prove to be more detrimental in the long term. New opportunities are present for companies that invest wisely in information technologies.  It is possible to turn that frown upside down!

CRM enables your business to:

1. Deliver exceptional and personalized service consistently to your customers during these challenging times

2. Increase your customer revenue share through highly focused business development programs

3. Extend the reach and effectiveness of new business programs and

4. Achieve significant cost savings and on-going productivity improvements.


The global economic downturn has been swift, sharp and widespread across all industries. And while the time frame for recovery is debated on a daily basis, one certainty remains true: companies today face the toughest economic times in several generations.  The next steps they take over the coming months will determine their very survival.   Winners and losers will eventually emerge, but perhaps separated by only the thinnest of margins.

What Can You Do?

CRM-What-you-can-doCutting costs while maintaining growth is a formidable challenge at the best of times, but during a downturn, it can seem almost impossible.  To meet these goals, small and medium sized businesses need to look for practical solutions that will help them to drive productivity and increase effectiveness across their operations.

Interesting, companies like yours are turning to business software and CRM applications in particular, to drive through the kind of operational improvements needed to survive and accelerate out of the downturn.  By optimizing revenue-creating activities at a lower cost to your company, CRM is uniquely positioned to assist you during the most challenging market conditions.



First and foremost, CRM helps you to protect revenues from your current customers by ensuring that you are delivering exceptional service and safeguarding their loyalty. A successful CRM system is also like an appreciating asset that captures knowledge of the customer for making those all important and critical smarter decisions.

CRM enables you to unearth latent revenue opportunities within your customer base for complementary products and services.  It allows you to leverage these opportunities and proactively grow your revenue share through highly focused business development programs.  Now you can replace sporadic interaction with true customer lifecycle management.  CRM therefore helps you deliver exceptional and personalized service consistently to your customers - during these turbulent times and into the better future!

CRM solutions like Sage SalesLogix or Sage ACT! customer management allows you to extend the reach and effectiveness of your new business sales and marketing programs.  On-going process improvements, productivity enhancements and significant cost savings are more readily accessible with CRM solutions available today.


In a downturn and going forward, CRM enables you to:

  1. Grow your revenue share with your existing customer base
    • Understand the true cross-sell and up-sell opportunity of every one of your customers in order to maximize the profitability of every relationship.
    • Dramatically reduce your cost-per-lead by delivering highly targeted marketing communications to specific customers or customer segments.
    • Cut the amount of time and cost it takes to resolve service issues without compromising an exceptional service experience that keeps loyal customers.
    • Provide individualized empowerment to your customer-facing staff in a way that will drive their productivity, engagement and effectiveness
  2. Capture new businesses at a far lower cost-of-sales than was possible previously
    • Lower your cost-of-sales by always ensuring that your sales team is focused on the opportunities that are most likely to close.
    • Dramatically reduce your cost-per-lead by delivering highly targeted and consistent marketing messages to specific prospects or market segments.
    • Introduce marketing accountability, so you can ensure that you are getting the right level of return from every marketing dollar that you spend.
    • Ensure consistent processes are followed, with clear key performance indicators (KPI) which create solid discipline and greater predictability for sales and service personnel.
    • Strip administration out of your organization, so there's less paperwork, errors and task repetition, and less cost as a result.
    • Provide tools and valuable knowledge to empower your business development staff in a way that will drive their productivity and effectiveness.


Why Now?

CRM-Why-start-nowYour customers and potential customers are facing identical cost pressures, and they have changed their purchasing patterns accordingly.  In many cases, they are spending less than before.  But in all cases, they are looking for even greater value for money.  They are being far more selective about potential purchases and potential suppliers. As a result, you will need to work a lot harder to earn their business during the downturn.

The 'cost of doing nothing', is significant.  Your competitors are investing in systems and technologies for gaining a competitive edge.  In future related articles we highlight the cost of inaction through a series of practical examples.

The cost of doing nothing is significant.  Read more - "CRM enables your business to deliver in turbulent times....


What underlying issues are affecting your cmpany and how do you see CRM addressing them?

Interested give us a call:  269-445-3001 or Start a conversation.....


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