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Black-box-locked-knowledgeWikipedia, YouTube, open source software that powers the Internet – reminds us that we have entered into an age of information sharing. Not that we’re ready to do away with the concept of intellectual property, but in general the image of a steel black box as a safe place for you to withhold proprietary knowledge is not useful anymore


Collaboration requires that we hold knowledge in a “clear box” where others can access it to build on what we’ve learned and vice versa. Sharing helps to make your business work smarter. The more we share, the more everyone’s knowledge boat rises, so to speak. 


Knowledge-transfer-NOTThe same holds true for your business. Client and procedural information held in silos does not serve you well. In fact, that old-school thinking can undermine your success. You can’t afford to have sales reps withholding information in an attempt to increase their value to you. Besides, they can’t do their job well unless you provide a tool with which to share knowledge.

We often find that when customer service reps share their conversations with customers on the issues that arise and resolutions that occur, the sales professional is more in tune with knowing their customer and becomes capable in servicing their needs.



Does your CRM system operate on the clear-box model?

Is the information in it easily visible, easily shared? Can info be input by all: sales force, field support staff, customer service reps? Can it be easily retrieved, sliced and diced and presented in various ways to help make your business work smarter with CRM?


Julie and I believe that our success is tied to how readily we share our knowledge. The more you understand about the solutions we provide, the more business success you will experience. Your business is in the knowledge transfer business just like our business. And that’s why we’re here.


What knowledge of the customer and  your business processes can be shared and become more open so your whole business rises?


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