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Provide Sales Enablement with Saleslogix CRM

Enabling the Sales Professional starts with the Right Tools

#1 Sales Productivity Tools

Saleslogix gives you the right tools to help you effectively manage your sales pipeline and drive opportunities to a close.


Drive hot leads from inception to win faster by automating your winning sales process.

Stay up to speed on important account activity with automatic alerts and notifications, which you can configure directly in Sage SalesLogix.

Maximize team selling effectiveness - share calendars and centralized account and opportunity information.

Create customer groups based on geography, order history, industry, size, or complexity - you decide how you want to organize your accounts.


#2 Anytime, Anywhere Access

Stay productive wherever you are with rich CRM functionality in the palm of your hand.



Available at no additional charge for your Android™, iPhone®/iPad®, or  Blackberry®.

Configure to match user preferences and work styles.

Work online or offline - with the same quality experience.

Fast, task-oriented user interface


#3 Sales Management Tools

Manage sales teams more effectively with the ability to recognize and capitalize on the strengths and best practices of top performers.



Your Information:

Your customer information is your most important corporate asset. Maximize its value and ensure it is accessible and secure.  Use the right tools to more fully enable your sales professional and sales management team.


Topics:   Mobile CRM Appreciating Asset Adaptable CRM Web-based productivity tools

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