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We fix sick, weak and just plain ailing CRM systems

Over the last several months we have been engaged in helping various small businesses and some rather larger corporations upgrade, fix or just plain replace their current CRM systems. These new clients for us come from various industries and the primary focus has been on improving sales effectiveness.  Helping these "sales-oriented" departments is always interesting and challenging.

End users, typically sales people are not engaged with what they call 'administrative' actions involved with data entry.  They tend to wait till the end of an activity filled day or worse yet the end of the week for entering critical information. Data entry is a chore. Sales activity notes that are required for management in requested weekly call reports seem to be a pain in the butt.

Missing and inaccurate information + wasted mental energy

By the time data entry occurs they have forgotten what's important to record and they waste time trying to recreate from a faulty memory all the nuances that really occurred during those critical conversations.

Studies clearly show that the mind can only manage 3 - 5 thoughts at one time and that considerable thinking power is wasted if your thoughts are not verbally recorded or written down quickly.  Lots of mental energy is wasted in the "re-creation memory process".

Quickly now.  Do you remember conversations with your spouse from a week ago, or from just yesterday morning?

Better solutions

So instead of being upset or stuck on technology, embrace the extra time and valuable energy you save.  The net effect is like a big emotional bonus.  Just like that big hug or kiss from your spouse for "correctly remembering"!                   


It feels good when that all important client calls you and you can quickly access your past conversations, view that important bit of information, review your calendar and then easily create that all important follow up activity.  Most often this all can be done on that smart phone that is connected to your CRM system back at the business office.

Caveat - we only work with Sage ACT! and Sage SalesLogix CRM systems.  Reason why is...


So contact your local CRM professional on ideas for adding user friendly accessible tools to your toolbox and improving your CRM system.

Work smarter, reach full engagement and feel good at the end of the day...


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