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Extend the value of Sage SalesLogix across the Customer and Product lifecycles

If you have a professional services firm or a business that depends on project management to measure success then TimeLinx needs serious consideration.  For companies that need to track more than just customer relationship information, TimeLinx Web, LAN and Mobile editions extend Sage SalesLogix through the entire Customer and Product lifecycle. Track your prospects from marketing campaigns to opportunity through service delivery, customer service and/or tech support.  TimeLinx provides professional services functions that let you proactively manage time, expenses, projects, tasks, documents, staff resources, contracts, revenues, cost, profits, and much more.

360 degree view of client and projects


A Sage Endorsed Solution, TimeLinx stores all client and project-related information in a single CRM-based system, eliminating the need and expense of maintaining multiple databases, spreadsheets, and other applications.

Your entire organization - from Sales to Senior Management - gains permissions-based access to comprehensive information, eliminating information silos between departments and increasing efficiency and profitability.


TimeLinx Benefits

  • Easily track billable and non-billable time and expenses for both internal and client work.
  • Schedule and complete project activities directly using the system's calendar.
  • Manage and schedule resources and activites via any browser with full visibility into consultant availability form anywhere in the world.
  • Quickly set, assign, and schedule project tasks by project, skill set, team, and more.
  • Save time by rapidly creating new projects using user-defined templates. Great for creating those yearly projects for your best clients.
  • Manage project deadlines more efficiently with auto-alerts for critical project events,
  • Rapidly analyze profitability of projects, tasks, companies, consultant, time periods and more.


System grows as your business needs grow

TimeLinx comes in scaleable Express, Corporate, Premier, and Enterprise editions which allow having just the functionality you need at a price you can afford. Certain features are available with specific TimeLinx editions.  You can also intergrate TimeLinx with various accounting solutions from Sage and with Intuit QuickBooks.




Contact Dick at 256-445-3001 for ideas and solutions for your professional services and project management questions


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