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What cements the relationships you have with your customers?


We’re not talking about Elmer or Gorilla glue. It's not that easy.

The cement that binds relationships are the experiences they have with individuals in your organization. The tool that you rely on to ensure great connections is your CRM database. For a minute, let’s think of it as glue:

Glue that binds all your past communications with customers to today. Lose track of your history with them, and they will feel like you don’t care enough about them as people to pay attention. A complete history also is essential to make sure you are delivering on commitments to them.

Glue that connects past processes to the present so you can keep making them better.

Glue that is solid and yet flexible. Your CRM database is a resource that grows in value as you accumulate solid data. Yet as your organization changes, your system needs to be adaptable to meet the needs that growth brings.

Glue that forms a firm bond, such as epoxy or a metal weld. Effective use of your CRM system will equip you and your team to treat customers in ways that foster loyalty.

If you have the wrong glue, or old glue, or no glue at all, things will fall apart. The same is true with CRM. And crumbling customer relationships are very bad news.

Questions to consider:

Has your CRM strategy kept up with changes in the business climate and expectations of both customers and sales staff?

Can you quickly view your key relationships with customers, prospects and referral sources who haven't been contacted in 30 days, 90 days or a year?

Have you chosen a system that suits your organization?

Maybe you’ve been functioning – or shall we say struggling? – without a relational database that is the cornerstone of CRM. Is your contact information fragmented and the completeness in question?

Every business needs solid customer relationships. If we can help you assess what glue – er, CRM system – is right for you, we’d like to hear from you.

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