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The Road to CRM Success:Choose Your Traveling Partner Wisely

What a family road trip can teach us about choosing a CRM business partner

Summer’s coming. Vacation time. When you travel, especially on a road trip, your traveling companions can make all the difference between a fun, relaxing time and a frayed-nerves experience.

I remember one family vacation when we took along an elderly woman who was visiting relatives where we were going. She was sweet and jolly, but she could not stop talking. Our children rode for two days in quiet desperation. It was a long trip.


Business success – and CRM’s role in it -- is a journey.

#1 You don’t get there overnight.   #2 You’re going to want good traveling companions. 

So what makes a good traveling partner for your journey to success?

Someone with a good sense of direction and the ability to read a map, sort of like a navigator sitting by a pilot. You don’t want to veer off course. The right consultant is a human GPS for your business. Just make sure both of you agree on the destination and how long it’ll take to get there. Communicate with intent. Communicate frequently.

Someone who’s been there before, sort of like the wilderness guide who knows where the rapids are in the river and what time of year you really, really, really need your insect repellent. Someone who knows what pitfalls you might encounter and how to avoid them.

Someone who pitches in, especially to keep the munchkins in the back seat happy. Likewise, your CRM traveling companion can be indispensable to making sure your sales team is happy. (I’m not really calling them children, you understand. Don’t stretch the metaphor that far.)

Someone who doesn’t make the trip all about them. This is your business. You know where you want to end up. Your traveling partner is there to help you, sort of like the guy riding shotgun for the stagecoach driver. What’s more, it’s not even all about you. Your traveling partner helps you keep your focus on your customers. How can you serve them better with your CRM customer knowledge?

Someone you actually like. You’re going to spend time together. Choose your traveling companion wisely to avoid jangled nerves. If you think about it, your customers are also making this journey with you. Ensure the best experience for everyone by choosing whom you work with -- your ideal clients.

Someone who knows when to be quiet. Clear communication is key. It involves listening as well as talking. If your traveling partner doesn’t listen to you, get a different one. Also, sometimes you just need to step back and regroup. You should be able to be left alone when you need it.

Just-what-I-wanted-CRM.pngSomeone who helps you reroute for the detours. On about every journey there is a detour especially if you are traveling in the summer.  Likewise with a CRM implementation.  Often during an implementation there will be new information that is discovered, knowledge that is useful from a newly gained perspective.  It may be a detour or a new high speed highway to get faster to the desired location.

Someone with whom you can agree on a radio station. Talk? Classic rock? Country? We suggest WII-FM -- “What’s In It For Me” – meaning your customer, of course.  When we work with our clients, our perspective is helping you maximize the knowledge we bring to our business partnership for success.

Someone with whom a follow up trip can be revised or optimized.  You and the family have made the long trip across the US to a distant vacation point.  You enjoy the vacation and now its time to head back home.  Maybe you'll want a different seating arrangement or a route to take in more sites and optimize the whole experience. Choosing a CRM advisor and business alliance partner can make the return leg much more successful and enjoyable.  Learn more about how we can help....


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