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Keeping Your Sales Funnel Filled While on the Road-Sage ACT

I’m always on the road, but I need to keep the sales funnel filled or my sales productivity will suffer!ACT_Consultant_Help

Logistics for the client, logistics for yourself!

Our next story involves an independent rep selling to big business with a sales team of exactly two. Julie Yoder, a rep for Landstar, helps people with expedited shipping. The company provides shipping for hazardous materials and has overseas docks exclusively available as well. Within the logistics industry they have some pretty great niches.

While she has to stay within Landstar’s regulations for branding and contracts, she and her virtual assistant are on their own. Together, they have a great sales strategy that utilizes every tool available to keep work flowing even while the rep is travelling, which she does often – she works an unlimited territory.

Using Hoover’s, which integrates flawlessly with Sage ACT!, the assistant can prequalify leads - looking for the right people in the right industries, with company earnings within a certain range and within a certain geographical area. They find the exact people who need Landstar’s help!  Next they place the appropriate call to ask permission to send further information. They know what unique content to send and can now target only companies who will legitimately have a need for their services.



As the assistant prequalifies leads, the rep is closing deals, and the messages are going out to the right people at the right time, continuing to draw people through the sales funnel. That’s selling smartly!

What next? The emails are generated, targeting each lead in a qualified way, and the effectiveness is incredible. She receives an up to date hot/warm call list based on reader responses, which further boosts her selling productivty.

While she’s travelling, she’ll even call her Sage ACT! Consultant and say “guess how many calls I got today?!”  I'm always glad to hear about successes!

In Summary:

A call from a phone number on your marketing piece to your sales person’s cell phone is the connection in the jigsaw puzzle from marketing to the sales department.

This business will continue to thrive for a long time because with a force of two people and Sage ACT!, they look much bigger than they really are, and it allows them to really help people who are more qualified.

Speaking of helping people, next week we’ll discuss how a non-profit is using Sage ACT! to serve the less fortunate in their community in a timely way.

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