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CRM provides team, shared knowledge

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, and more particularly the technologies involved in delivering it has caused more confusion than any other technology that has been available in the market for so long. Survey after survey shows that for the majority of companies, the awareness of the technology exists but the confusion persists as to how precisely it benefits the user and his or her customer.

But the truth is that the benefits of these solutions are not hard to understand and reasonably easy to realize. Indeed those that have worked with a successful CRM installation are usually converts that find it very difficult to work without one when moving to another company and are keen to bring a solution with them. So what is it that they are so keen to take with them?

CRM-Success-GuideThis "CRM guide" series is intended to explain the jargon-free business benefits that a modest investment in CRM will bring. And we use the term CRM to describe an umbrella of strategy, processes, tools, techniques and technologies that deal with the interactions of a company and its customers and how these interactions are dealt with internally. For those new to CRM, start with "What is CRM"......

The CRM systems available for the smallest company to the largest are now extremely good, robust, and mature if delivered by the right people with the right skills and with the correct level of engagement by the purchasing company. It is important to point out that not all CRM systems will contain all of the following features; depending on which elements are most important to your situation it is important to engage with a vendor or partner company to get the right system and deploy it the right way.

Our firm is here to help you consider what solution may be right for you and to help you navigate the feature/benefits that are valuable in the way your business operates.  We specialize in  ACT contact management and Infor CRM (Saleslogix), simply because they work and can also be tailor made to work the way you want to do business.


#1 Working as a Team

Business-transformation-Success-with-CRMThe first benefit that many companies realize is the level of coordination that introducing a universal customer management system affords. For managers there is a view of the activity of their whole group and the ability to drill into the activities of teams and individuals. For those individuals there is the ability to view the activities of colleagues. They can see their history with a customer, current deals being worked or a view on any recent service queries, complaints, and resolutions– basically the opportunity to work as a coordinated unit which will result in less wasted effort, better service and happier customers.

In essence there is knowledge capture that provides knowledge transfer among the people within the business resulting in a more valuable business asset of the CRM database.

Our clients find it refreshing to have easily shared information about their prospect and current customers and are relieved by the gains in staff productivity.  Several clients have managed to combine this knowledge from various data sources that was spread out among the organization thus saving time and reducing business complexity.  Instead of silos of disjointed information there is a centralized database that is shared among the team.

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