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Capture Your Customer's Experience

Customer-Feedback-captureThere is a school of thought that the most valuable time in the relationship between a  company and its customers is directly after a service has been performed or transaction completed. Here the memory is freshest and in many cases the only time a person feels like there is a relationship. This is the key time to get feedback, to survey a customer in a non-obtrusive fashion and perhaps one of the few times they will be willing to provide the information, good or bad.

Modern CRM systems can provide the ability to send online surveys in the form of attractive HTML mails that will capture responses against the individual or company’s record in CRM, allowing you to build up a qualitative picture of relationships with individuals. Trends can be spotted in persistent areas of dissatisfaction, and allowing an action plan to be formulated. Consistent positive responses for an individual employee can be monitored and duly rewarded, while the opposite can also be tracked and actioned.

These tools can overcome the hurdle in large volume transaction enterprises where a common complaint is that it is too expensive or difficult to monitor “relationships”. Here, the only performance tracking is at the quantitative level with numbers of transactions conducted or service requests completed which are important in themselves (and of course can be recorded in CRM). But the surveying tools recorded in CRM enable this information to be enhanced with the vital but more elusive “feel good” element of surveying tools. This can be viewed on the micro level by individual company and as an overall benchmark of just how a company is perceived in its base.



Business-transformation-Success-with-CRMThis has been an outline of some of the areas where CRM typically helps business. There are many other papers, booklets and research notes in the field which give a function-by-function analysis ofInfor CRM (Saleslogix) CRM. Others will describe the CRM philosophy which will generally tell you that technology is only an enabler to good customer management practice, which is true but not much use when you are about to make an investment in technology.

The scope of these CRM Guide articles has been to give a modest, digestible outline of some areas where CRM will almost certainly help your company. There are literally hundreds of other areas, large or small where CRM can help. Many are so specific to your company and how it does business that it is only with a thorough business process review that they will be discovered. To use a truism, the more you put into a project the more you will get out. However, hopefully this is a starting point for thinking about what you can introduce to your company or whether your current CRM system is delivering what you need right now.


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