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Dangers of Not Upgrading Your ACT! Save Money...



Currently, if you are on any prior version of ACT!, you are eligible to purchase ACT! at the upgrade price versus full price.

(About 1/2 the investment of a new ACT user license)

Advantage Lost:

If you are currently on any prior version of ACT! by Sage 2005-2009 or ACT! version 6 or earlier,  you will lose the advantage of the upgraded discount price. Sage's new Upgrade Pricing Obsolescence Policy goes in effect May 31st, 2012.

How does this affect your business? 

  1. If your version of ACT! is more than three years old (2009 or earlier), you will no longer be eligible to upgrade at the "Preferred Customer Rates"
  2. You are not taking advantage of all the latest benefits in ACT! Pro or Premium 2012. When you upgrade, it ensures your ability to leverage powerful new features and productivity enhancements to help you become more organized and effective.
  3. The ability to view your ACT contact and calendar details on your smart phone or tablet.
  4. Ensuring your CRM system will be compatible with the most recent Microsoft Windows operating system out there today.


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