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You only have a fancy, high cost Rolodex

Rolodex-Not-CRMWarning, business owners and managers!

Watch out because your business vision of having  engaged sales professionals and a database full of business intelligence about prospects and customers is Lost.  Now you only have a modern-day Rolodex.  It only has the basics of name, address, and phone number with maybe a quick reminder note.

This is NOT contact management and certainly not a (CRM) customer relationship development system that appreciates in value.  Information about your top customers is not being shared within your business so opportunities for new sales, stronger relationships and a more enjoyable customer experience is lost...... 

Low value database, lost opportunities, difficult decisions and a lower valued business.


When we are invited into helping a business decide on a new CRM-based solution or to help them get more out of their Sage ACT! or SalesLogix, we too often hear of these frustrations from the business owner and managers.  Most often, some of the 18 requirements for success with CRM have been skipped.  Sometimes the business owner believed that the old command and control method would work forever in their business world. Maybe some updated education is needed not only on the How-to's, but also the Why's and the true delivered benefits.


Use the 3-to-1 value formula:

A new mindset, a change in perspective is in order.  As the business owner or manager of professional sales people, consider providing 3 'pieces' of helpful information for every task or one 'piece' of information you request. It might be helpful to think of this as a type of bank account and the balance of withdrawals and deposits. 

Now for this to be successful, an open dialog needs to occur between the various stakeholders. What would be valuable to the sales person? Something that THEY find useful in keeping in contact, remembering commitments or closing the sale. It may be tangible or even intangible in your eyes...

This simply works....

One example that has been successful for our clients is the swapping of sales call information entered daily, with the elimination of filling out a weekly call report and providing smart mobile access.  Having been in selling environments ourselves and working with clients from various industries, we know the need to report on sales call activity in a "Call Report" is a big pain in the butt... to put it mildly.  It is so "after the fact" and a waste of time to open up Microsoft Word or Excel and type in sales call activity.  With a good contact management or CRM system the sales call notes are easily captured over the Internet from a web form or from the smart phone.  The notes are immediately available and shared with others at the main office. 

  • Sales managers can view the daily/weekly/monthly call activity from a main call summary dashboard. Or even from a system-generated report sent by email. 
  • The business owner can make smarter and more accurate decisions based on timely knowledge that has been captured.



Next Steps:

Start a dialog and discover how to select a CRM system that will support your expectations...

Start a dialog and discover how to get more engagement for increased user adoption and having access to smarter, more accurate customer knowledge.....


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