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Cost of bad decisions:We were wrong but...

Several years ago my wife and I specifically wanted to visit Tombstone Arizona where Wyatt Earp and his brothers brought law and order to the West.  At Boot Hill is this marker of a deadly mistake made by the people in the community around this time. 

"..Hanged by mistake 1882.  He was right, we was wrong but we strung him up and now he's gone"



What is the cost of a bad business development decision?

  • Are the simple things like a list of your customer contact's phone and email addresses holding you back on reaching out regularly?
  • Is the prospects contact list full of bullet holes?
  • Did a key customer leave and when looking into their contact history you should have known a year before?
  • Are you sending out emails and the bounce rate feels like a gun fighter shooting at your feet?
  • Is the quality of information about your ideal customer not where it needs to be to make smart marketing decisions?
  • Are you making wrong decisions because your information about prospects and customers is not accurate or misinformed like this community was?
  • Worse yet - is a quick, bad decision killing your company?


What's the Solution to better Decisions with CRM?

So your community has beeen ran sacked, your family threatened and your way of life totally thrown for a loop. You know this story has to have a happy ending. Your business life has to have a positve message on the grave marker.  It does not take the Earp brothers to make the needed adjustments and definitely not to the extremes they used.

CRM-conversation-for-SuccessInvite into your business, knowledge about ways to improve the business development process.  Ways to identify ideal customers and then attract and retain profitable customers.

.....An experienced, business development professional consultant who has successfully implemented CRM for multiple years with various types of businesses is a good place to start.

Ok, I'm ready to start this conversation....  The folks in your 'community' of associates will appreciate it. 


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