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I'm sending emails, but I don't know how effective they are. Help!


Anyone can send email.  The trick is to do it smartly and efficiently with Sage E-Marketing for ACT!

Business Innovation: Did you love story time in Kindergarten? Everyone would gather around the teacher and sit cross-legged on our little mats. I loved books about children in Asia or Africa. Even though their lives were very different, from their stories we could distill principles that gave us a fresh window on understanding our own lives. Get some fresh ideas from other people’s business innovation, then swipe and deploy them. That’s what we call adaptability within a collaborative community!

Do you want to communicate with ALL your contacts in your Sage ACT! database? Do you have contacts in your database that have not received your attention?

When using Sage E-marketing with your existing Sage ACT! contacts, growing your business has never been easier.  There's a reason why e-marketing is becoming so popular with small to medium size businesses.  Emails are easy to create, easy on the budget, and have proven to drive sales if done correctly.

Sage ACT! demonstrates this time and again, from industry to industry. Getting ideas from other industries strengthen your ability to excel, especially when you can get some fresh anecdotes. That’s because a good story doesn’t tell you what to do, it gives you a principle you can turn into your own action step that makes sense for your own industry. When you hear the stories we’re going to tell about people in other industries, it’s your opportunity to pull up a mat, sit down cross-legged and join your fellow virtual students on a journey into new and creative ideas for building your businesses.

Do you want to easily keep your customers informed on ways you can help them?

 One of our clients uses Sage ACT! to its full potential in a professional career. Another works in logistics, killing it, getting calls from emails that are automatically sent out even as she travels the country. A third user we’ll be talking about does amazing things through their non-profit, organizing the repairing of housing for the poor, doing things organizationally that simply couldn’t happen without Sage ACT! Can you learn from each of these? Of course you can.

I hoped I could find a way to talk about cookies and milk or naptime, but maybe we’ll find a way to work that into one of our Sage ACT! blogs later. In the meantime, stay tuned for some great stories the next three Fridays!

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