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Sage ACT! as a Command Center for Your Small Business

ACT_Consultant_HelpWhen I mention a Command Center, what comes to your mind?

Star Trek’s Captain Kirk sitting in his chair, his face grim, his knuckles white as he orders his team to hold their fire in the face of what seems certain death? Maybe you imagine NASA’s base in Houston struggling helplessly to bring Apollo 13 safely home. Or perhaps you think of the central nervous system of a battleship like the USS Missouri launching Tomahawk missiles during Desert Storm. Maybe you’ve never daydreamed about living Captain Kirk’s life, but doesn’t your Enterprise need a Command Center, too?

You need an operating system that increases productivity, something customizable for a small business's specific needs.


Whether a business is looking for a complete collection of contacts, a way to track all potential leads, or even just to share files between co-workers regarding important events, Sage ACT! has something to offer.

            Most small businesses are looking for a clean, unique way of compacting all of their customer/client base information all in one place. With Sage ACT! your business can do just that. Sage ACT! is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that clearly compounds contact information into one place to be shared with the entire business. Sage ACT! becomes your business’ Command Center that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects to powerful, subscription-based sales and marketing services, desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media to help you get results.

            Sage ACT! Also allows access to the tools you are already familiar with and rely on daily. Seamless interaction with, and in-context, access to Microsoft® Outlook®, Gmail®, Google® Contacts, Google Calendar™, LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Hoover’s™, and more mean you only need Sage ACT! open. This will allow you to feel the most comfortable with your work, and allow progress to flow, rather than taking the time to learn a new system and squandering that productivity.

            If you want your business to work smoothly, more effectively, and to take the guess work out of operating systems, Sage ACT! is just what your business is looking for. Now you can picture yourself as the Captain Kirk of your own business: all your tools at your fingertips, and you’re ready to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

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