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Don't sell me a CRM System - Show Me a Way to......

Knowledge transfer starts here....

Yes, a CRM strategy and business system can help a business improve its processes in getting, growing and keeping profitable customers in many ways.


Knowledge-transfer-partnership-Success-with-CRMOur mission with this business success with CRM blog is to help educate our readers with ways to improve their business. 

You are looking for knowledge transfer from us on:


  • A way for my sales people to generate new sales faster and easier.
  • A no-bull solution that has practical merits.
  • A way to categorize my contact related information so I can target my marketing and make smarter decisions.
  • A way to manage my sales reps so they have more time to develop relationships with decision makers.
  • A way to connect the disjointed silos of information and put our combined knowledge of our market place to better use.
  • A way to untangle our data system and make it simply smarter.
  • The ability to build enduring customer relationships with our ideal customers.
  • A way to share key insights and what has been happening with each contact throughout my organization.
  • A way to nurture my prospective and existing clients in a way that provides value and builds trust.
  • A way to learn more about my ideal customers so I can acquire more like them.
  • An actionable strategy and a set of tools I can use for business relationship development.
  • A way to automate repetitive tasks and also alert me when specific conditions/events occur within our knowledge database.
  • A way I can integrate information from my accounting system such as payments, sold items, and open invoices when viewing customer accounts.
  • A simpler way to let me know who I need to contact throughout the coming week and bring me up to speed quickly on our last conversations and my commitment to them.
  • A process that keeps my sales professional team engaged with the best opportunities.
  • A way to track the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors along with a strategy to win or walk away.
  • A way to win back past customers who fit our ideal profile.
  • A practical way we can use social media to engage our contacts.
  • A way we can use our cell phone, iPad, and other mobile devices to access current information for engaging our contact smartly.
  • A way to eliminate call reports and provide a dashboard where I can dynamically obtain this same information.
  • A way to easily see who is most interested in our lastest marketing messages- a type of hot, warm, cold call list.
  • A way to adapt a solution to our business so that it expands and changes over time.
  • A way this investment accumulates value over time and increases the equity of my business.
  • A solution that will solve our business development and customer problems and keep them solved.
  • A way to reduce my risk of investing my business success with you.
  • <fill in the blanks> specific to your way of doing business

As you can see,there are a wide range of business processes that touch the people in the businesses we care about.  Multiple business processes are all components of a business development system, built around a CRM foundational system. 

I'm interested in the "Peace of Mind" I can get when I know the business has a integrated set of consistent, valuable business processes- a system that is designed for our business!

Yes - I'm interested in the value of me starting a conversation with you.....


Topics:   CRM user adoption Knowledge transfer Employee engagement Simply Smart Working

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