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Easy to Use and Adopt - Success with CRM requirements

FACT:  A CRM business development system that isn't easy to use will NOT be used and will have incomplete data!

Can your sales reps easily view records of all your business's interactions for accounts, contacts, and leads? An easy-to-Easy-to-Use-SalesLogixlearn and user interface is a must if they are to have access to the information they need to be successful in their role.  All customer interactions--notes, opportunities, activities, purchased products, marketing campaign information, service tickets, and more--must be easily viewed and shared so your sales reps can better sell and service customers.

When team members can leverage powerful filters and groups, they can quickly get the information they need and interact with CRM data more efficiently.  Hyperlinks and one-click access to common features help sales reps get their tasks done faster.  Drag-and-drop and right-mouse-button clicking help to ensure they're working the way they like to work.  So does giving reps the capability to customize their workspace.

To further ensure adoption, your CRM solution must integrate with common desktop applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook so sales reps can continue to use applications they're familiar with.

Behind the scenes, a built-in Help system means that a click on Help or ?? will lead to valuable, indexed content.  Also, task-oriented web videos providing "how-to's" on various tasks need to be easily accessible.

Finally, you need well trained "power users" available to help any new or struggling users as needed.

These best practices and requirements lead to increases in user adoption and improved quality of accountable, shared information- all leading to greater business success with CRM.

Robust customization capabilities enable you to tailor Sage SalesLogix to meet your unique selling environment.  And, Sage SalesLogix offers flexible points of contact with your critical CRM data--including Windows, Web, or mobile devices--without sacrificing functionality or usability.

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