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Goals create success- how can you better state yours..

Words matter in the statement of a meaningful goal



“He shoots – he scores!”

It’s basketball season, and nowhere is that a bigger deal than just over the state line from us in Indiana or with my Michigan State Spartans.

Whatever the season and wherever you are, any game with a ball is all about hitting a goal. Pick your pleasure: the basket in basketball, home plate in baseball, the hole in golf, the end zone in football.

A goal is measurable. Shoot a basket, and you know it’ll be worth 1, 2, or 3 points, depending on where you take the shot. Would we even know – or care -- who Jeremy Lin is if he were to decide goals are not important? I think not.

A goal can’t tell you your business is scoring success unless it’s measurable:

  • Don’t say, “Shorten our sales cycle.” Say, “Cut 15% off our sales cycle.”
  • Don’t say, “Decrease the time that a service request remains unresolved.” Say “Answer all service requests in 2 hours maximum.”
  • Don't say, "Call ideal customers." Say , "Set a meeting date with my top 5% revenue generating clients from 2011 within next 45 days."

Ambitious goals are good. Impossible goals are not. Set them so you can achieve a measure of success you can build on.

Whatever your goals are, choose and customize your systems to help you achieve them. Look for software features in your CRM database system that will turn into benefits for you. It’s like Coach Izzo designing strategy so the MSU team can set up and make those shots.

Want to finish your “season” strong? First, set your business goals. Second, practice whatever you need to in order to score. Goals first. Function second. And the coach part? That’s what we also do.

 Now let’s go out there and win!

 How can you better state your primary goals so they're more clear, focused and powerful?


Topics:   Productivity Tips Adaptable CRM Marketing plan Strategic Business development

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