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Invent Better Ways of Interacting

TaskCentre-Business-Process-ManagementMore often than not, we find existing business processes need fine-tuning before they are implemented as part of a CRM implementation program.  This focus on business processes is a requirement for success with CRM.

Sometimes existing business processes should be entirely obliterated and a company should start from scratch.  Avoid clinging to your traditional customer interactions just because they've worked in the past.  Think how you can invent better ways of interacting with the customer and providing a remarkable experience.

Questions for each customer-facing business activity:

If you don't have documented processes, or if your processes need overhauling, ask the following questions for each customer-facing business activity (touch point) involved in each CRM requirement:

  • How is the tangible result of the process (e.g., an order number, a service ticket number or return authorization number) seen or experienced by the customer?
  • Is there an opportunity to gather more customer data at discrete touch points in the process? [take the perspective by stepping into their shoes]
  • Is there terminology that may be getting in the way of true communication and understanding?
  • Does each interaction demonstrate value to the customer? [if not is it really needed]
  • What is the preferred method of communication for this individual? [phone, email, letter, face-to-face]
  • Does any interaction waste the customer's time?
  • Does this process improve our ability to see this customer as an individual?  What interests should be noted?
  • Is there an opportunity to impress the customer or personalize the interaction at discrete customer touch points?
  • Can we include exception-handling to ensure accurate service and personalized interactions?
  • Can this process be improved or event eliminated for high-value customers? What about for mid-value tier?


If you don't know the answer to two or more of these questions, you would do well to take the time to map out new or existing processes and identify areas that can deliver an improved customer experience and tighter time frames.

We strongly encourage a review of these types of customer facing business activities before a CRM implementation project and have tools that can help. For more, simply request a "are you ready for CRM" or a CRM optimization consultation.  

If you have operational tasks that need to be automated- check out our TaskCentre offering.

What other customer-facing processes need to be eliminated or revised in your business?


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