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Why the Future is About Entrepreneurship ...

Being an entrepreneur since an early age and also a BNI - Business Networking DIck-Wooden-EntrepreneurInternational member, I recently received an email that again struck on the importance of entreprenuership for the generation of jobs.

Michael E. Gerber has been named by INC magazine as the "The World's #1 Small Business Guru" and he hit the nail on the head with this recent article "Why the future is about entrepreneurship.. and not about jobs."


"It has more to do with the appalling lack of entrepreneurs, true entrepreneurs, the growers who create jobs. Once the idea is spawned, the idea that growth is not only good but the essential ingredient of inspiration, you suddenly come face to face with the real opportunity.  And that opportunity is what underlies the name of this article, this series, this rant: entrepreneurs work ON their company, rather than just IN it. Once you understand the difference between the two, you’ll understand why we have the economic problem we suffer from—the lack of jobs, the lack of meaningfully productive work, for the vast majority of us."- Michael E. Gerber

He mentions the strong need for what he calls - "New Entrepreneurs, to be inspired to create, to be inspired to innovate, to be inspired to build a completely new world."


Two questions to pose to yourself are:

What innovation have you pursued lately?

How have you broken free of th insufferable tentacles of dependency upon the powers that be, the stifling bureaucracy that seems to enslave you everywhere you look?


As a business coach and facilitator for The Alternative Board (TAB) these are questions that are discussed and shared among our New Entrepreneurs...

Read more about Michael Gerber here.

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