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SalesLogix Mobile CRM: Customized Client Contact on Your Phone

Being able to manage client relationships while in the field can make the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity.SalesLogix-Mobile-Note-input

We've discussed the benefits of a mobile CRM before, and the way it transforms business, but SalesLogix has been making its CRM available on phones for many years, so let's talk about why it's such a popular option. Phones have been rapidly advancing in their capabilities: videos with HTML 5 instead of Flash are easier to view, messages can be sent via a number of platforms (text message, email, instant message), and all rich graphic experience of web sites is now available in mobile form.


Beware of Sync-Holes

Users of Blackberrys and other mobile devices may recall being frustrated by having to sync data between their device and the office. You had to either plug your phone in or log on in order to upload your new information to the server, and download the data you needed for your day. It was an imperfect solution to the data-sharing problem, and thankfully it's not really necessary anymore.

Even a few years ago, Internet access wasn't as widespread as it is today. It was necessary to download contacts, to-do lists, opportunities, and other information for the day's calls, and then sync back up when back at the office. Now that phones can access the internet directly or through a growing number of wireless hot spots, that old model has given way to online portals. Just log on when you need to, and update directly on the site. Yes, web-based productivity tools  are ready for bosting productivity and end user adoption.

We often do a test to demonstrate this capability - our client updates something in our sample database, and it's immediately visible to the people back at the office. The data is no longer kept on your phone, so there are fewer risks, like:

  • something damaging your phone when you're in the field, or
  • coworkers acting on outdated information, or
  • the phone's ability to sync being compromised. 

There are times when there still won't be online access (although with some airlines offering wireless, they are becoming rarer by the day), so it's still possible to download key data to your phone when you need it.


Customizing to Economize Screen Real Estate

Phones have advanced a long way, but they still have to fit in your pocket, so there's always going to be limits to the screen size. SalesLogix has been fully customizable since it was launched in the 1990s, and is the perfect tool for getting the most out of that small amount of screen real estate. Pick a CRM system that remains adaptable to your business needs.

What information do you need to see on your desktop? Do you need custom icons to avoid confusing different functions when you're in a hurry? How can the layout of the menus help you find information more quickly?

We can take a virtual tour of your day to understand how you use your CRM on the phone, so that it becomes second nature to get the answers you need. Maybe you organize your clients by name or description instead of using service ticket numbers. Perhaps your primary clients are four time zones away, or have an unconventional schedule. Whatever is unique about your business environment can be incorporated into your CRM, so that its mobile phone/device users have the right data at the right time.

It's a given that we're going to customize the experience, so much so that we build customizing into every quote. An out-of-the-box CRM may be powerful, but a customized one is useful, too.

Give SalesLogix a try

If you haven't had the chance to try it out on a mobile device, visit our SalesLogix mobile page and give the demo a try. Then just contact us to learn how we can customize the experience to fit your business needs.


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