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Making your Business Development System more Social

Improving the Clients' Experience...Number 1 for 2012.

Customer-experience-Social-CRMWhile recently visiting with the founder and President of a large regional Information Technology firm, we were discussing his recent implementation of Sage SalesLogix CRM system.  He certainly understands the value of technology in helping a business move to the next level and get more done but our conversation turned to planning for 2012 growth.  It is all about connecting with people and enhancing the relationships, we agreed.  Focus on improving the client's experience - do a better job of engagement -- those are our themes for 2012.


In a recent article Lauren Carlson, CRM Analystinterviewed Brian Solis, new media and social CRM expert, and they talked about what he calls the "Egosystem."  Basically with the rise of smart phones and mobile devices, consumer behavior has changed to where the individual is the center of the experience. As a result, businesses need to modify their strategy to really engage this consumer. Brian highlights six rules for engagement that are key to forming those customer connections.

The Definition of the Engagement:


  1. Value - Consumers want to feel valued by the companies they do business with. Feeling valued translates to knowing that the company or brand will go above and beyond to meet your needs.
  2. Efficiency – Not only does the customer want to feel valued, but they want their time to be valued as well. Make sure there is a sense of urgency in your company's culture.
  3. Trust – Consumers need to be confident in the credibility of businesses. They want to know that a company will stand by the product, actions and services that they deliver.
  4. Consistency – Consumers likely want consistency in every aspect of their relationship with businesses. Make sure that your external systems are reflected in your internal processes and company culture of delivering a consistent experience. 
  5. Relevancy – This is something that a lot of companies struggle with, particularly when it comes to social media. Too many companies use this as 'social spam.' Consumers really want a reason to go there. Make sure what your business is providing is of value in your customer's mind! Companies should be listening across all their channels, identifying the common struggles, concerns and preferences of their customers. Get this information into your CRM system and make it easily accessible.
  6. Control – We have heard over and over again that the customer is in control. But the idea of control is two-fold. They want to choose the channel they communicate on, and they want the ability to opt in and out of specific engagements. In other words, they want an experience that gives them the sense of control.

For more information check out the full article, Managing the Ego System - 6 Rules of Engagement.

Additional insights and perspectives in planning your business social media strategy for 2012 by Garious- "Cater to your customers egosystem..."Think of other social networks as a bridge that will lead your niche market to your blog/web site/marketing hub.


In addition to following these six rules, many companies will want to invest in tools to help facilitate customer engagement. When selecting a business development focused CRM system, always consider one that can help your business become more social. We are in transformative times so select a transformational, adaptable CRM system that can evolve with your business and improve engagement along the way.

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