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Last minute planning for lead generation marketing

Is your marketing generating the leads, additional business and customer loyalty that you expect?

Marketing-measurement-success-with-crmThe last quarter of this year has exploded for our business with new clients, additional referrals and existing ideal clients requesting our business development / CRM professional implementation services  Marketing focus is a key business driver for our business as it is to yours.   Our focus on Inbound Marketing with nurturing actions has proven to be successful.


Recently in a email newsletter I received from Dan Kraus of Leading Results, he provided several key questions and tips a small business owner needs to consider.  With only a few weeks left this year less the distractions of the holidays and year end, you have extremely little time for the full marketing plan for 2012.  Consider the question, "What are you doing now that will make next year different than this year?"  


Marketing questions posed by Dan:

  • "How are you going to better target and recruit your ideal customer from your pool of prospective ones?
    • Can you write a description of your perfect customer?
    • What they are like; what their hopes and dreams are; how your product or service helps them realize that? Sit down and write an autobiography of your ideal customer - one that will help everyone know who you want to talk to and why they will care what you say.
  • How are you going to differentiate yourself from your competition - for once and for good? If you aren't different, you are competing on price. Go back to why.
    • Why did you start your business? Or if you didn't start it, what do you want every customer to say about your company in terms of the value you deliver? Now, make sure you are creating visible, tangible, processes, systems and proof that you do deliver.
  • How are you measuring quality, because not all leads are equal?
    • What tactics are you using and which work best? Is it time to try to some new tactics (or retry old ones with a new twist)
  • What are you doing to build your email list (with permission of course)?
    • How many names do you want to add this year and what will you do to get them? Then, once you get them, how are you managing the process of staying in contact?
  • What are the goals for your website?
    • Why do you even have one in the first place? Make sure you have that clearly defined, and that the content and flow match your goals.
  • Finally, a key part of marketing is taking in feedback, so how are you listening to your marketplace?
    • Do you have a way set up to hear the conversation that goes on in social media?"


It all comes down to business relationship development.  What are you going to improve in 2012 as it relates to Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service?   Is your foundation strong with a useful, adaptable customer relationship management (CRM) system?


A strong foundational CRM system and integrated business development system will:

  • Provide quick feedback on your eMarketing campaigns. Determine what content is the most valuable to those who actually look at your content.  Are the generated leads matching your target market and better yet your ideal client.
  • Provide a consistent sales process and follow up process so follow up failure does not occur. Consistency matters and great sales teams and sales professionals follow a process that builds trust.  Trust among the management team, trust with new prospects and trust from loyal clients.
  • Provide insight into the any continuing customer service and support issues. Identification of patterns that can be used to become more responsive and even more proactive - all improving the trust factor.
  • Knowledge that is accessible 24 x 7 of past conversations and promises. Knowledge of the relationships among people and what matters to each person.  Knowledge to make better timely decisions.

Success-with-CRM-ConsultationInterested in taking the next steps....start here.



P.S.  Check out the Leading Results web site for a boat load of great resources focused around the successful Duct Tape Marketing system..

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