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Automated Lead Management - TaskCentre as Virtual Assistant

Using Technology for a Smarter Business and Automated Lead Management

We all realize that saving time for more productive uses is a smart decision. A specific area where technology can help to automate a business is in lead management. Recently we had the opportunity to help an enterprising business improve the ways they were creating leads in their CRM system for their web site and then managing the follow-up process in a timely manner. 

The key objectives were:

    • Automate the intelligent creation of new leads and additonal web requests from interested prospects.
    • Notify the related sales person of the new lead or additional interest from an existing lead.
    • If it was a new lead, automatically create a phone call task and a to-do task as follow-up actions for the sales person, and
    • Notify the sales person and sales management if timely follow up was not occurring.

To meet these objectives required an adaptable business process management solution that could be designed to make intelligent decisions, interact natively with the core Infor CRM (Saleslogix) system and be easily managed as business processes were tweaked for optimization.  The Orbis TaskCentre solution fit these requirements.

With a graphical interface, TaskCentre is used to integrate various input and output tools and make logical connections between the use of these tools to accomplish specific tasks. 


Detailed Lead Management Workflow processes:

TaskCentre is designed to work as a type of virtual assistant, relieving various manual tasks that would typically be accomplished by a person.


 The process details:

  1. A prospective customer fills out a detailed web request which creates an email where the body consists of the lead's demographic information and key interests.
  2. TaskCentre picks up these specific web leads from our client's email system and begins the parsing of the email body's content.
  3. If the lead's email is already in the SalesLogix CRM system for the specific sales person, then this is an additional interest- otherwise this is a new lead for a specific sales person.
  4. SalesLogix is updated for specific Lead-related tables and fields, following defined business rules.
  5. If this is a new lead, then the sales person will have a follow-up phone call activity and a to-do type of activity created in their CRM calendar.
  6. Next the sales person and sales manager are sent an HTML email with rich text links for this specific lead along with the original contents of the various web site requests.
  7. Finally once a specific amount of time has passed but the lead's status indicates NO communications by the sales person, then alerting emails are sent to the sales rep and to the sales manager.


Benefits of these automated actions include:

  • Improved productivity for lead generation team.  The lead generation team does not have to perform manual data entry and validation. They get immediate web lead requests automatically entered in the system.
  • Improved productivity for the sales force team- They are notified immediately of new lead interests.  They have new follow-up activities entered in their calendars - thus more time for connecting and building relationships.
  • There is very little maintenance of this automated task.  Once set up, it is pretty much forgetten - as it hums along doing what it is supposed to do, 24 x 7.
  • Provide a form of accountability to follow up and to reduce follow up failure.
  • The ROI on the TaskCentre software is quickly realized in reduced personnel time, accurate data and timely follow up activities.
  • Greater peace of mind for the lead generation, sales force and management people with one less thing to have to think about...


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What other ways might BPM - be of help to your business as a virtual assistant?


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