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Orbis Software recently announced the formal release of the TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool incorporating the new Data Transformation Component.  This additional tool provides enhanced functionality for our TaskCentre clients.

The TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool will:

  • Enable drag and drop integration between a very wide range of applications.
  • Simplify integration with web services removing the need for developers.
  • Provide integration with HTTP based web services.
  • Provide integration with SOAP based web services.
  • Provide powerful drag and drop data transformation capabilities.
  • Support OData and  Sage SData services.  (Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) runs sData).

SData (the global integration mechanism that is being rolled out across the Sage range of products). Sage’s "SData" is one of the new generation of "RESTful" web services which operates more efficiently than traditional SOAP web services.


Examples of common commercial web services that the new tool will connect with:

  • Business Applications e.g. Sage, Microsoft, Oracle and many specialist applications etc.
  • Email Marketing Applications e.g. Constant Contact, MailChimp, Interspire, etc.
  • Courier Services e.g. FedEX, DHP, UPS etc.
  • Information Services e.g. currency exchange or commodity rates, etc.
  • eCommerce Platforms e.g. Magento, XCART etc


To learn more about the new TaskCentre Web Services Connector Tool, Orbis Software has produced a short video demonstrating the powerful functionality available within this much anticipated TaskCentre Tool.  Start video....



The TaskCentre BPM Suite leverages the powerful capabilities of Infor CRM (SalesLogix) to bring people, systems and information together within an organization through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.


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