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Success Requires Focus:

Success-focus-Hitting-the-ballIt’s World Series time. The Detroit Tigers have made us Michiganders proud this year, and watching them takes me back to my days playing shortstop on our county 4-H softball team the year we went to state.

I played enough ball to know that success on the diamond requires focus. Hitting, throwing, and catching all suffer without it. The pitcher practices putting the ball where he wants it for each hitter. The hitter aims to connect the bat’s sweet spot with the ball. A flubbed catch can cost a run.

Does this relate to business success? You bet.


As an entrepreneur, your success depends on laser-like focus.

First, get clear on what you do best.  What makes you stand out? In his book called Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, Gino Wickman recommends that you and your team identify three things unique to your business—three, because someone in your competition might share two of them, but no one is likely to share all three. It’s the combo that makes you unique.

The best way to figure this out? Make short phone calls to your ideal customers and ask them, then collect the answers and decide what matters most to you and them.


Which brings us to the second area of focus: your ideal customers. Identify them, and you have found the sweet spot.

On a bat, the sweet spot is the place where, because of the design of the bat, no energy is dissipated up or down the bat. It all goes into the ball, to send it sailing for the bleachers. If you want to get the most from your sales team’s energy and your own – and face it, we don’t have energy to waste – don’t try to please everyone.


Stand out to the customers most in need of what you offer, and you’ve got a strategy for successful marketing.

Just like batters who, to improve their swing, study video of themselves hitting, you can analyze what customers fit your ideal profile and track the success of your targeted marketing by consistently and strategically using the analytics built into your CRM system.




I'm available for a call at 269-445-3001 or click on the Success button for a focused call on  how you can be more successful with a Business Relationship Development, CRM system that focuses on your Ideal customers and what matters to THEM.


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Go Tigers - your Gggggrrrrrreat !

Cracker Jacks, anyone?


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