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CRM-Bitter-taste-solutionSo you have a contact management or customer relationship management system in place at your business.  It may have been installed a few years ago when a new sales manager took over or the boss thought this was the next best thing to help sales people and where he could identify the top sales producers.

But the return on that investment has not come true and the "system" is more of a problem and nusiance than a helpful business tool. Like riding a dead horse, you may have tried to use several of the dead horse strategies:

  • You bought a stronger whip. Maybe you added on e-marketing, mobile access and added 20 more prompts to gather additional information from the reps.
  • Change riders.  Ok the sales manager could not get it implemented so you fired and hired someone else.
  • Threatening the horse with termination. Did you attempt to fire those  who did not use the system?
  • Appointed a committee to study the dead horse.  OK this may be too common in larger organizations.
  • Arranging to visit other sites to see how THEY ride dead horses.
  • Hiring outside consultants to ride the dead horse.  I just have to laugh at this one....
  • Harnessing several dead horses together for increased speed. You may have hired additonal IT/ CSR staff to support the failing system?
  • Doing a time-management study to see if a lighter rider would improve productivity. Even when you removed some of the prompts and complexity the system architecture was still not a match to your business needs.

Tip #1:  If you're riding a dead horse---> dismount!


So what are you to do?

Tip#2:  Your goals don't have to change, but you need to try to reach them in a different way.

Tip #3: Develop a better game plan and adjust the course. Get all the stakeholders involved. 

Tip #4: Identify the causes which are usually process oriented but may be foundational. Was the system even capable to meet your business needs today and in the future?

Tip #5: Get a professional involved that has acutally been in the business world and has successfully implemented business CRM systems.  Someone who works with you to understand the core system design needs and who can then implement and support the system.  

Unless you like that bitter taste in your mouth - there is a much better way forward!

We are just a phone call: 269-445-3001 or an email away: Dick at SuccessWithCRM dot com



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