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Strong and successful CRM systems require customization tools

The need for an adaptable business development platform in your CRM system, one that is matched to your business processes and terminology, is a key reason that clients select Infor CRM (SalesLogix) from us. 

In fact this ability to customize and have an adaptable CRM system is becoming a business requirement in our dynamic evolving world.  It seems you cannot escape the effect of technology changes that occur.  Web user interfaces, multiple browsers, mobile smart phones - all interfacing with data from the business.

Top that with the need to take advantage of changes to your business processes when competitive opportunities are found, and you really need an adaptable CRM business development system.  Also the CRM system's development environment must have the capability to get these changes done without waiting months for an IT department or some developer firm in India....


Two questions that a prospective client or their IT manager will ask me:


Are the core tables/databases/fields customizable?SalesLogix-Application-Architect

Almost all screens are customizable (over 99%).  The system is extensible in a number of fashions at the backend, to allow views into other systems, as well as new fields and tables in the existing structure.  Every client of ours will ask for us to perform sometimes minor changes and sometime major integration engagements - because the system platform is adaptable...


Infor CRM (SalesLogix) only has a handful of screens that are either partially or fully locked down.  With training, your staff will be able to do all levels of customizations for which they feel comfortable, using the same tools that we use at Success with CRM Consulting.


How strong are Infor CRM's development and customization tools?

Standard-based architecture

Infor CRM (Salesogix) is built on a robust, standards-based architecture, including ASP.NET, AJAX, CAB, and Web services, easily integrating into your existing IT environments and enabling future growth and expansion.

Web services-based

Infor CRM business logic is exposed via Web services, for rapid, standards-based integration. In addition, integrate with other applications in your environment via Web services or extend your Infor CRM (SalesLogix) functionality by leveraging other Web services-based applications.

Layered n-tier architecture

Infor CRM  introduces an application model which separates the business logic layer from the user interface layer.  This approach enables customer and business partner customizations to easily move forward as new product releases become available - supporting easy upgrades and delivering low Total Cost of Ownership.

End-to-End Web development and customization environment

Infor CRM  extends its market-leading development and customization environment to the Web (Cloud).  This CRM delivers a complete Web development environment including codeless and coded development, management, deployment, and bundling capabilities. In addition to the Infor provided development environment, customers can also leverage Visual Studio .Net and other familiar .NET tools.

Integrated Web and mobile development environment

Web and mobile customizations are developed and managed within the same development environment including common mobile and Web project tree views, common code editors, and standardized output and properties windows.

Codeless and coded customizations

Infor CRM (SalesLogix) has been designed specifically to accomplish most customizations using a codeless, wizard, and template based approach, enabling quick creation of customizations without requiring extensive Web and programming knowledge.  Advanced development tools or the included code editor.

On-click deployment

 Infor CRM can be instantly deployed to one or many servers with a single click, <Deploy All>.


Ability to bundle and share customizations

Easily create, bundle, and share customizations across customer solutions, reduces common customizations, which reduces development time and Total Cost of Ownership.


Charles Darwin's principle is often misquoted: It is not the strongest that survive but the most adaptable that survive....


Call-Success-with-CRM   Interested?  Wondering how this can help take your business to the next level?

 Give me a phone call:  269-445-3001  I'm an entrepreneur, so I'll be in the office late....



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