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StandOut-Strengths-with-CRMI thoroughly recommend Marcus Buckingham’s new book Standout – it expands upon Strengths Finder, which remains a #1 business book. More here on Strengths and Great Work…..

This resource is useful to match the right people, right innovations and right strengths.  I found it helpful in the way it describes the 9 strengths roles and three strengths principles.


Best part: Standout will take what’s unique about you and figure out how to make it useful! It focuses on the greatest value a person brings to a team.


It pinpoints your comparative advantage and shows you actions you can take to capitalize on this advantage. The resulting report and book identifies:

  • You, at your most powerful …..
  • Phrases to describe yourself…
  • How to make an immediate impact...
  • How to take your performance to the next level...
  • What to watch out for...


Some of you may know that I’m a very strong proponent of a person knowing their strengths and more importantly focusing on their enhancement and use of those strengths.


From the Standout assessment: My Top 2 of the 9 possible roles are:

Creator that uses my talents of Adaptability and Analytical.

Provider that uses my talents of Relator and Service.


After you take the 30 minute assessment (free with purchase of StandOut) you’ll get a thorough insightful report and valuable steps to build your strengths Map – for next actions.

For more suggested Strengths and Great Work resources please refer to our Amazon store library, here.


In Summary:

Very practical and useful immediately….Use to help your team become more engaged and productive.

As a business owner you can obtain a organizational report for all members who take the assessment… great for finding who to keep on the bus or move to a different seat!

Have you identified your strengths and do you have a strengths map for making these useful?

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