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20 Things I Learned About ....Web and cloud computing

We live in an ever evolving world of fast-changing technology and since our business extensively uses and interacts with technology, we often are asked to help our clients with their understanding. 

We like to point out web resources for those 'self-learners' out there.  20 Things Learned web site is a helpful yet entertaining place.


Now this site is also a good way to determine if you have one of the newer web browsers - it takes advantage of media presentation technology.  The topics covered include:



A lot of valuable knowledge can be gained from reading and learning from books where the authors share their insights gathered from research, their observations and life experiences.

Feel free to check out our recommendations on our Amazon store pagefree download resources page, business presentations and various video tours on Sage SalesLogix CRM or Sage ACT contact management.


What web resources can you share that have been valuable to you?


Topics:   Technology Understanding Importance Mobile CRM Cloud computing Web Services

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