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How a Successful CRM System is like a Great Sand Dune

We are fortunate to live in the state of Michigan with its multiple natural wonders, in particular the great sand dunes along the western shore of Lake Michigan. ABC's Good Morning America show had chosen the "The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore" as one of the most beautiful places in America! 

My wife and I had recently taken a short vacation in this northern Michigan community that connects with the famous Traverse City Michigan vacation area. As we were hiking, kayaking and touring the area recently, the presence of these huge sand dunes was striking.



Sand Dune and Successful CRM Characteristics:

So how is a successful CRM System of people, processes and technlogy like a great sand dune?

  • It takes involvment of many resources to build a lasting sand dune. Wind, temperature and of course the raw material, sand. Likewise a successful CRM system requires the involvement of key stakeholders up front, time in the development of a pilot phase and the related financial investment in the use of these resources.  Make sure the right resources are in play for the greatest opportunity for success.

  • It is a process.  The sand dune develops because of the interactions of many natural events- glacial movement, related changes in geography, temperature, wind, etc.  This is a build up and a carving process. Business relationship development is a process of throughly understanding the value your business provides to your ideal customers.  There is a give and take process.  There is a questioning and answer process.  There is  recording of communication activity and review process.  Having a system that is easily adaptable is a must in today's and future rapid changing environments.

  • It takes time.  Great sand dunes develop over time. Likewise it requires the resource of time to continually improve and gain insights from relationships with your business contacts. Patterns from communications will develop and become more evident.  Feedback from intelligent and concerned conversations are like anchors to build upon.  Think of the multiple grains of sand and the similarity of those notes of knowledge as building blocks.  As time passes your business will develop a rhythm and become more efficient and effective.


Presence - as an Attraction:

The results of resource involvement, time and a developmental process can produce a mountain of business insights about your customers, your employees and your business partnerships.   Like the Sleeping Bear giant sand dunes, your business can develop a powerful presence with the successful growth strategy and the use of a CRM system.


The Most Adaptable Survive:

Adaptability is essential whether you are building an adaptable business that requires a modifyable CRM system such as Sage ACT! or Sage SalesLogix CRM - OR if you are a 4 month old fawn living in the Sleeping Bear Dunes....  Other things will develop and take root with a strong foundation in place and the proper mix of people, processes and technology.




What are the ways your business can become a powerful sand dune of valuable knowledge and solutions for your customers?

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