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Smart Phone and Smart CRM using Sage SalesLogix and ACT! Connect

CRMs are great organizational tools.

But what if you need access to your info when on the road?

Sage ACT! Connect provides mobile connectectivity for the small business professionals.  Sage SalesLogix offers even more enhanced mobile solutions, compatible with BlackBerries, Androids, iPhones and  iPads. 

This means savings in

  • Time- Sales calls and notes are uploaded in real time.  Administrative time and redundant activities are reduced.  No more going back to the office for that phone number or address.
  • Money- Sales staff are more productive.  They achieve better win rates with access to the “whole picture.” Customers and prospects are happier with informed communications. Management and support staff welcome the feedback into their CRM management system.

SalesLogix-Mobile-CRMEverything is available at their fingertips- contact names, addresses, phone numbers, notes, and calendar, linked into your device’s maps, navigation, dialing, email, and contact lists. 

Sales staff can be confident and well-prepared, without digging through individual files for information.  They can be more flexible with their time, following a hot lead after an unexpected phone call or making use of an unplanned encounter with a potential client.  Screens are user friendly and offer easy access, whether recording sales calls or following up for a colleague.  

For supervisors and managers, this means easy access to sales reports and activities in real time.  Performance measures can be evaluated on an ongoing basis, allowing for early correction and teachable moments.  

For your customers, it means better service- whether they are connecting with a call center or a sales representative, the person on the line is well informed about their current situation and can provide a quick response to questions and concerns.

Mobile technology is no longer an option for a business that wants to remain competitive in today’s world.  It is a growing expectation among your clients that your staff has access to real-time information, all the time. 


Mobile-CRM-Phone-Call  Interested in Sage ACT! Connect - contact Julie  (269-445-3001)

  Interested in Sage SalesLogix Mobile -contact Dick  (269-445-3001)


We are here to help your business continue to get, keep and grow profitable customers.


Can you afford not to upgrade? 

Topics:   Employee engagement Mobile CRM Web-based productivity tools Strategic Business development

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