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Better Decisions - Productivity Analysis with Saleslogix

Productivity is about saving TIME. Save time in gathering information, save time in making smart decisions, save time from bad strategic decisions, save time for the more enjoyable parts of business life!

Yes, there are tools available that can help with business visualizations and specific productivity analysis....

Productivity Analysis

Infor CRM  (formally Saleslogix) Advanced Business Analytics.....

Key Objectives:

  • Monitor sales activities over time
  • Tie productivity to sales performance

Advanced Analytics is a great assist for sales manager’s trying to measure the performance of sales representatives. The Productivity Analysis tab in the Sales Dashboard gives sales managers what they need to monitor and improve department productivity. One of the key indicators of effort being put forth by a salesperson is the number of activities they complete, such as phone calls, meetings, customer visits and e-mails.

Productivity Analysis allows the user to compare the volume of activities with the sales recorded by each sales representative. Through the use of filters, users can restrict the analysis to specific activity types, salespersons, time frames and other useful attributes. When a good or bad trend is identified, the analysis can then turn to the specific details to determine which salespeople are the biggest contributors.


This analysis provides the following benefits:

  • Tie productivity to sales performance
  • Determine individual productivity for each sales representative
  • Identify good success criteria by looking at the activity volume and mix that successful representatives have.

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